Yoga is primarily the work of the mind and body .Through the practice of yoga, our interior is more harmonious and calm ourselves in everyday life .Yoga is also working with the chakras (energy source housed along spine.There is 7 points of energy) One of the chakras is the Heart Chakra. It around our hearts and represents the opening of the feelings, unconditional love and forgiveness.When there is disharmony in this chakra leads to increased susceptibility to various diseases and ailments as lack of confidence, fear, emotional coldness .Yoga this issue is help on the way to maintain balance and is helpful in the conversion and discarding the blocks in this area.Poses for this chakra is mostly all bent back, opening the chest and sternum .However now during the Christmas season it is worth the few positions to try because what other time of the year is so closely associated with the family and love toward others? (pets also!!!)

Fish pose (Matsyasana) helpful in difficulty in breathing, anxiety, medications and menstrual pain

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) Application: chronic fatigue, constipation, respiratory ailments

Utthita Trikonasana this position develops chest pains neck and back pain, reduces stress and tension

Dance pose (Natarajasana) energizes, rejuvenates, improves balance, strengthens the legs and ankles

We wish you a lot of love every day ;-)

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