Kate "Kazek"

Kate - nice blonde lives in NYC, She works in the oncology clinic in Manhattan. She is a vegetarian and devotee a various sports (climbing, running, cycling), but above all passionate is yoga. She Practices yoga for many years, and her dream is to go to India to learn yoga from the best;-). We don't know a better person than Kate to provide you knowledge on this subject. The Yoga Zone will be devoted mainly to positions in yoga help you stretch and relax the body after workout but not only. You will find here suport a variety of ailments and ills of everyday life ;-)

Dear Yoga

It's because of you:
· My body is more flexible
· Better sleep
· Thanks to you I have better concentration
· Helping me get rid of stress
· Increase the resistance to physical and mental
· You are an amazing way to lose weight
Why yoga with running the Spartan race? Yoga reduces pain after a workout. If you run a lot and workouts are quite intense, do gentle yoga to relax your body. If the opposite is true then go ahead, you can increase the intensity and frequency of the practice of yoga. Remember balance in everything you do. In practice, be humble because yoga requires concentration at the position as well as calmness and inner peace and not compare with anyone else, your body is unique and knows what his borders. Be patient and it will reward you with a vengeance.

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