Koszyce Spartan Sprint 09.07.2016

Slovakia reminds me mostly about Lentilki and Zloty Bażant the beer:-) but that time has passed. Now the memories are about our  first Spartan race 2016 obstacle course In Kosice. A lot of people from team SRTG Dębica, all in bus (autosan years 80). Metallica from the radio additionally raised the adrenaline (Britney Spears rather not associate;-). Dances, singing, talking about food (meal two hours before the race eaten on the knee must be) generally richly.

Arrived, chaos. They made (SRTG Dębica largest training group in Poland so far ). Beautiful sun, interesting view ,,yes I meant monuments;-) What you thought?

Warm up... The atmosphere full of positive vibes... 12:30 upss black clouds everywhere. And it was so beautiful. And Go !!! The rapid pace given by the wave commanded to run forward without looking back, there is simply “run through obstacles” the more that we accompanied by hail (we didn't have to take a water, dribbled down the face as with a water hose) as soon as impossible we wanted to reach the finished line.

Taking part in this race I had no idea how it actually looks. Obstacles seen only on the web sites, and they were not for my physically tangible, however, why do not like me Anka Spartanka would taste it just then. I like challenges, due the fact that in ma life have grown used to the heavy situation prepared me mentally to all kinds of obstacles. I knew that no matter what the finish line is mine!! Miracle...

When me, Gruszka, Krzychu and the rest of SRTG Dębica reached the finished line stopped raining, the sun came out and we got a banana (it tasted great!!) and a beer -Spartan tradition that the local beer must be;-)

At the finish line cheering, everybody touched each other medal, exchange comments about organization and obstacles. Generally, euphoria. 

What I will not  forget? This felling of pride and fullfilment when you holding the medal in hand and already thinking what next? Why not to complete trifecta mask. It worked and the self-belief instilled in that warm rainy day gave me and Gruszka the drive to work. Life is not computer game ,you can not live manytimes  but how you use time and potential for the  future will bring you happiness and healthy life.

Krynica Spartan Beast 23.07.2016 

(report by Gruszka)

4 chicks in the car, Anka Spartanka behind the wheel so good bass must be!!! It is funnily and loudly. We get to the hotel early (at 5 wake up), this is the first Spartan Race with accommodation and with such a large group of SRTG Dębica. Complete set of the equipment on the road - drinks, chocolate bars, chocolate and of course, Edyta's fudge candy. There is no jokes already, stress omnipresent. From the stories we knew it will be hard – I thought. I’m more anxious due the back pain. The weather is nice and warm, group support and time to face to one of the most difficult routes in the Spartan Race.

Start at 9:45 am and begins our journey. Route is challenging but well marked, plus for volunteers and well-stocked with water points (it happens that the runners are thirsty and expect water at „pit stop” and there isn’t, so it’s better to take your own water in a backpack in case), there is a lot of run uphill and steep downhill.

The best fun begins for us at the top of mount Jaworzyna Krynicka (1114 m) where we meet with our friends from the group SRTG Dębica and we stay together to the finish line. Four girls and raisin Krzysiu who initiates a lot of funny elements. From now on we support each other in everything, obstacles and mental as well. Every obstacle is a challenge but some of them are for us yet unfeasible like „house” as we call. It's fun but near the end the we more and more feel sore feet, and I admit that I dream about the finish line and I see it but no wait!! one more obstacle! - bags of sand - actually does not matter with knowledge that we overcame that distance.

There is!!! Coveted green medal Spartan Race !!! beer, paparazzi and time to relax and have fun "on the town".

Our memories of the race:

"We joke that we should take grill and sausages on the route and the dive of Anka Spartanka during her climbing on rope will be long in our memory, especially that Krzysiu from time to time make comically exaggerated version of this situation."

Liberec Spartan Sprint 02.10.2016

Liberec is located in Czech Republic, in the western Sudetes. Honestly, I’ve never been there, and now I regret. This place is incredibly beautiful simply love at first sight. But from the beginning..My friend (Gruszka ,Krzysiek  and Tomasz) came to my place at 16:00. We get into car ..Tomek forgot to pack his shoes for run….ok finally we go.

Route tiring, approximately 570 km ahead. Pee or Macdonalds for break (no it’s not what you think we are eating healthy staff but sometimes more calories are important usually before obstacle race) and two hours we were late.In that funny atmosphere we came to destination place - Jakuszyce. 5 people in the room, run on Sunday so we have a time for party.I leave this part of story for your own good.

5:30am, beautiful Saturday morning, time to explore. Breakfast, coffee (Gruszka personally made a foam) we pack food for a trip and we were ready for hiking. Our goal - Czech Switzerland Park about 120 km away from the residence. Bartek”Bocian” team dude, he knows everything about navigation (even underground he will find an elevator;-) found the way, gave us a peace of meat (like real Spartan has a meat in his pocket).The road to the top is a long and tiring and the run is tomorrow, but whatever we can do it, its only few hills and so a total of eight hours in the mountains.

Like you see beautiful and romantic place (forget about high heels).

Late return, quickly to bed because in the morning tough race ahead of us.

12:30 start the wave. You know we have to complate our Spartan bands it needed during the race, warm up well and wait. I run traditionally with Krzysiek (4 gears together). As we never stood on the forefront of the wave.. but Why not this time? I have to say: I thought “whats the problem, its just a Sprint,we will do this quickly. As it turned out it was practically doubled the distance -9,9 km in the really beautiful area with natural obstracles (Spartan Race organizers not waisting) as crossing a lake just to get to know your code on the “memory test”. Of course, also return in the same way. Coming out of the icy water you not feel anything. I think I smiled because it was the result of muscle contractions on my face. I don’t know If Krzychu had everything on place ,but in any case he said that after week he should find it;-)

Standing on the starting line you never know what awaits you, and you always feel a slight fear mixed with adrenaline. Gruszka caught me on camera in one moment, shouting something but I was in trance and do my job. So it looks like. You are in action and nothing from the outside cant disturbe you. Now I know how she felt - Alice in Wondreland - magically and so I feel each time I run dispite diving in the mud, gnasching of teeth etc.

I can here invert many texts on the incentive to participate in the Spartan Race but all this has nothing to do with feeling when you buy a start, press ass in tight leggings (leggings do the job), stand there with those 249 peple in wave and you move to face with unknown. Worried if you can do the trick on obstacles? You don’t have to. No one will leave you without help, without helping hand by the wall. If you do not successed? So what!! Only 30 burpees and go ahead for a warrior medal, proud with the next step to a life full of muddy shoes and wet socks but full of unforgettable moments. Before tv you want make a shape. Think about it. 


Tokaj Spartan Super 22.10.2017

Tokaj, Tokaj ... ..oh the Tokaj !! End of season Spartan Race (report by Gruszka) - A very personal trip for me :)

Sleepless night is just the beginning. Early in the morning, still dark but we have to go. This time we go together with a larger team, column 3 vehicles. Our driver is Krzysiu our "pirate road". Among the passengers we have got 2 newbies when it comes to Spartan Race, Aga and her husband Łukasz?. The rain accompany us all the way there, but Ana Spartan (our charmer rain) convinces us that there will be beautiful and sunny weather in Tokaj (well she did not see our faces on the back: *). We arrive at the place just on time (problem with parking was the reason and late time our start with 12:30 wave). Probably just in time because there is no time for thinking and debating just go and run!

Before I tell about the race sorry Ana, but some private matters, I must explain sth :). Let's back in time more than two months ago when during another race Spartan Race Super in Valčianska Valley (Snowland), Slovakia I was injured, fracture of protuberance elbow which led to the resignation from further competition. Emotions then is not irrelevant now, surgery, convalescence and rehabilitation of course. But I knew one thing! I will not finish the season without Trifecta! Concerns and changes the decision were many but I knew that I had to at least try, even if I had to get off the route because of health, which is the most important.

I'm going back to Tokaj. Ana was right, the weather was good, our start of wave was one of the last one and unfortunately it was her disadvantage. Run begins between the streets of Tokaj, a flat area then we enter the wooded mountainous areas. So much mud we have never seen probably, shoes are very important in this area if anyone doesn't  already know. I'm running my own race, knowing that I will have do a lot burpees in due to the injury. Anka Spartanka run in front but I'm not worried about her because she has a companion, of course, Krzychu :) she will not be lonely. I quickly meet friends on the route from SRTG Debica and we are running in this group to the end, Benia, Paulina, and Mateusz who joins us a little time later. It begins: conversations, reflections, jokes and helping themself in some obstacles. I must admit that their help with all the obstacles with walls was priceless for me especially since I could not afford any mistake. There wasn’t an option.

Areas are beautiful, good grapes, mud spa, swimming in a mountain lake - almost like a vacation - hehehe. But back to reality, we almost reach the finish line, with all the sounds coming to us, the dusk and the cold that really now we start to feel and we can’t go further only just wait and wait and wait (This is Sparta we could say!!!). This distaste at the end of the race, no group photo at the end and we only desire to return to the hotel to take a bathe and get warm. Yes to the hotel! Because we could not miss the graduation party of this season in the center of Tokaj and tasting of local wines. But that's another story :) Trifekta conquered and it counts till today?

Remembered texts after the race:

How was it? Will you do it again? – Anka asked our newbies

Can we not talk about it today!? - Łukasz answered

and added:

Do not talk to me today! (to his wife, Aga) – Łukasz said

 Tokaj remembered and what was unpleasant will go into oblivion.

Aroooo !!!

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