These words begins the start of each Spartan Race wave. What is spartan Race? You will ask. This is a obstacle run and you can choose a distance (5+,13+20+km) like  ultrabeast, hurricane heat, agoge. SR creator is American  Joe De Sena-legend in the history of endurance sports – Ironman, Vermont 100, Badwater ultra marathon (the toughest competition in the word in Death Valley in California and many others). Racing are already virtually in the world and are famous mainly because of what they give: improving physical endurance and stronger becomes our psyche, it builds confidence, encourages a healthy lifestyle (exercise, healthy diet) as well as give you the opportunity to meet new people with the same passion and fun in the mud. There is no age limit and participate can find anyone who is ready to experience the adventure and we are certain that one race will not be enough for you. No matter how trained you are, if you have big muscles or not, it’s important to take the challenge andstand on the start line. On the race end you will understand what we had in mind and we hope that it will infect you with”Spartanoza ill”like us.

We wish you a way to become Spartan chick, a lot of mud, cool hills and nice guys giving you a helping hand on obstacles during the race. Who know, you might know there love of your life and together you will be win medals, complete a trifecta mask and everything with good memories.


Sprint 5+ km

This is the shortest distance, which proposes a Spartan Race. I would call it "laid back". Because I think that everyone can pass or run (in Liberec ran guy dressed as nuns :-) in matching capabilities to their pace. On the way between the… oh how beautiful is here and I would like to eat some dinner we hit the obstacles part is prepared by the organizers but also used are natural obstacles in the area. One of the most important motivators to perform these 20+ obstacles is “deadly 30” burpees. It should therefore apply to training to get around this fairly strenuous fun element.

Super 13+km

Here is not as easy as sprint. 24 + obstacle to stretch over 13 km are already something... on the route, there are two spots with water (because it is important that irrigation !!) which does not mean that your own backpack (a bag of water) isn't essencial. It's very useful! Eating during race give you the energy that you have enough for the whole race and even an evening party?.

Super 20+km

In short... It is a challenge. Beast is not an easy distance, here besides muscles, strength, it is important to the psyche side We personally our first Beast in Krynica Zdroj ran together. Support for such a difficult route is extremely important and as you know the strength of the group. My personal feelings with Beast were so: Before the start I was terrified, first thought "Anka something you invented !!" However, they were for me the coolest competitions due just to the team with which I was walking and generally having a good time (30stC gave a beautiful exotic tan).

The message is simple, "want to be able to" follow and we want to continue in this direction, put new challenges, along the route there are several obstacles that we spend awake at night: javelin, Monkey's bar. A muddy rope repeat muddy dry because there is no problem with the rest we are actually very much depends on the weather conditions. We have met tropical sun, very cold wind and hail and torrential rain but as you can see we survived and we have a great time. We invite you to have fun and, of course, support the route.           

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Aroo !!!

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