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27 Nov, 2016, No comments  

Hi I am Anka and I will be responsible for updating this blog. Please be understandable as this is first blog in my life. We are all constantly learning so please allow and grow with me here ?. This blog welcomes all women, though men are invited to. The purpose of the blog is to show you little tricks on how to prepare for obstacle run. Those races are popular in Poland however mostly among men. Mud, sweat and lots of testosterone. The views, of not only running women but also the woods and nature are stunning. This will be beneficial for both sexes.   Because we belong to a local training group SRTG Debica we have an idea of how the training for an obstacle run in Spartan race should look like. We hope that you will feel our support. We want to motivate you to get up and run in the woods, snow and mud and most importantly with a smile on your face. Remember, we all have to start somwhere. It is a process but the most important is to do the first step and get out of your comfort zone. There are a lot of benefits, do you want me to spell it out for you, here you go: 

- Strengthen psych  

⁃ Positive attitude  

⁃ Dealing with life struggles   

⁃ Running is fun  ⁃ Networking   


⁃ Possibility of meeting the love of your life  

⁃ Traveling  

⁃ Proud and satisfaction   

⁃ Nice ass 

 "Exercise is the most beautiful illnes and the healthiest addiction"  

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