Paulina Kilanowska - volcano woman and her reflection on OCR

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I remember how we start with Gruszka funpage and every "like" give (still gives) us incredible joy. It is a new experience for us because a kind word or gesture gives us confidence that we are doing something cool, which slightly reads and leaves a trace in our heads. Sometimes it is also possible that someone in particular attracts your attention, right? the so-called. Good Vibes;-) Such a person is in our opinion just Paulina Kilanowska - personal trainer, leading to a battle group SRTG Poznan.

Saying "pulls her to her" here is most on the spot, so we caught so great contact and I hope that not one of the stupidity we do together and not one of the mud together ". We are very impressed that it is a woman who can tame the team training in SRTG is why the idea for an article text approximates you to know this beautiful blonde positive crazy what is Paulina.

"Adventure with racing OCR began in 2016. When I trained in the local crossfit club Universal Box. Together with the team we had the idea to run at night Runmagedon. For a long time it was in my mind to try your hand at this race but always lacked the courage. Password has been thrown, and there was no excuses.

The only thought which accompanied me on the grid is: what am I doing here? And why I gotten myself into in this race? However, after the start the doubts disappeared and began my adventure. I loved the mud and obstacles. Although the first wall is paralyzed me with the help of colleagues from the team I went through it and I was proud of myself. That day I moved even one of its border, namely running in total darkness. I will not hide that I hated it. After that, the same thing had gone and were running another obstacle.

For a long time I watched funpage Spartan Race and I told myself that one day I will start. Then there is information about free training in preparation for transmission. As it turned out they were not in Poznan. I decided to write to SR: why is there no such training and whether they plan to run them. Then I received the answer that the group has just formed, and the question if I would a group of people who would like to create such a group. Within a few days I was able to recruit a few people. Then I was offered I ran workouts. And here I began to doubt whether I can handle it, but they have effectively been dispelled by both the SR and the group. With each workout, I was more confident that gave the kick to new challenges and competitions.

The first course in Poznan "zaliczyliśmy" competitors (Survival Men Expert). Already at the start we have been noticed and people started to ask about our group which resulted in a good turnout in training until now.

At the beginning of my adventure with racing I treated it as fun, but with each succeeding as a competition with itself and little of others. Racing obstruction is primarily cooperation from not only friends, but also strangers to each other people. On the route you are never alone and always will be a group of people to help, to laugh and warms to fight. I will never forget how I tried to go through an obstacle made from tires, where you had to climb over them (the tires were slick with mud). When I was at the top I did not know how it go down. Suddenly my left appeared colleague, and it resulted in one sentence, that fear disappeared ;-). For what else I love racing OCR? Namely, for all those muddy guys who simply eager to help us woman, and then look with pride in their eyes as we're doing.

Gears of this type primarily give joy and so much adrenaline I needed. As a person who hates boredom in life is for me to escape from daily responsibilities. And with this, I run training I met a lot of interesting and just as crazy as I am people. You could say that I found my way in life, so I completed a course for a personal trainer and I intend to continue to educate themselves in this direction.

I invite everyone to a free training spartan in Poznan every Wednesday at. 18:30. For more info write to SRTG Poznan ... "

Ladies, see themselves as such previews have a positive impact on our world and there is nothing else to do but to join us;-)


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What is passion? Would you say that this is something which we ourselves "free time"?

Well, probably not ...

December 2012 ... A bad period in my life that went on behind me like a shadow. Personal experience made me feel like I've lost contact with the people, and once they were not appropriate for me company. So it happens that sometimes looking for solutions to problems and do not do anything themselves with ill-chosen direction. I was then a few things that I enjoyed and was spending time with my son, "Killer" Chodakowska and cooking - just like what I like to cook and bake for others, and tested mainly Aneta, which at that time was of great importance for the development of my psyche. She knows me inside out and a small number can reach me directly and know that it worked for me. I am a man specific, and my life was different - extreme path of ups and downs. Typical Scorpio ;-) constantly for something chases, fights, testing, hates, but loves to bone, indulges in this immensely, and when they approached him something so much - sold ;-)

I could not find my place. Someone previously meant that some of my "ability" has been superseded by the mind, just forgotten. I do not know if you ever had the feeling of "the cry of the soul" - a very strange sensation of pain inside, you know that something is wrong but you could not define words, and when even this occurs frequent crying and lack of confidence (so, too, so I most of his life) is only a miracle can prevent tragedy.

The fact that I have a son always gives me strength, even as it was badly (thankfully it is not), no because what you do, God will wipe away tears and enter the baby's room with a smile, right? However, I further felt that the "death of the soul" is not far. You know how important it is to support children a good word, even as they go out? They need to feel like you do not believe in, thanks to build a society sane, responsible and able to function independently of people. And when it is not, what then? Then, after a series of "beats of the soil" you come to the same old age ;-)

Rebuilding self-esteem and self-confidence takes years. Of course, the sooner "take lessons" that gives life - Well done you, but if you do not have help it's sad.

December - visit to a hairdresser friend. I'd been there many times, but this time was special. Coming out, I saw the studio, whose existence I had no preconceived notions. I stopped, and my heart killed me harder. I wrote down the phone number and left.

A month later, I dared to call. Why only then? Out of fear that someone will judge me, that can not handle me laugh.

First class. The girl asked for a drawing, in this case it was a still life. 20 years without a pencil in hand, it can be fun - I thought. It went something moved ... smile, I was praised. It's even better as a bag of cash, something that began to remove the logs from under my feet. During the workshops often I drew, but also "take" clay. Initially, the only thing I could do is bowl (the most beautiful in the world), and as far as sculpture is totally awful. After 1.5 years of my life began to take on color, personal situation has stabilized, and I successfully fought for their own mental health in an artistic way, of course;-)

Then came the moment when it blocked my imagination started with hooves.

Touching the clay, I never know what will be the end result, which is all the more amazing. My head began to open before me decks previously not available to me. Just like in the game - gain level to the corresponding key fit into certain doors or when you get in life for free. I got just a second, which was involved and this figure, and this clay.

2 years ago I moved their "toys" on the kitchen counter. Here it limits of imagination have been totally obliterated. Clay incredibly calm, acts as a session with a psychologist. I just with it will come down to us perfectly works, which translates into an interesting and unique end result. But when comes the "phase" it is like a trance, I am not, then I eat a little and drink a little (well, that I have a dog at least enlisted in the fresh air ;-) What is the best? You do not think about anything, any problems leave, calms the mind, heal the soul.

Similarly, the figure when it comes vein (and it happens every few months), then two weeks only draw at random and even sometimes on the table, because better is to eat breakfast when the counter looks you in the eye superhero or a beautiful woman unearthly beauty.

Yes, now I can say that I'm a woman of passions and it is thanks to them not crazy. To join this trash variety can also be racing in Spartan Race, and bouldering.

According to me, passion is the ability that gives you joy, satisfaction, raises adrenaline while production of serotonin. It's your destiny, that "something" what were you when you have lost faith in yourself. It needs to come and go when they want to, and only then will be preserved balance. Because remember, if you exert pressure on it - will leave and will wait until you are humility, and how I know? Because I experienced it.

Let your mind be open. Grow up and try new things, because it's the only way to development and, above all, do not let them tell you that it is not something you transmit. Fight for yourself, because life is just the sum of breaths that over the years lose their momentum. Because what you then remember? What do you tell your loved ones? As "lived for someone" and forget that you are a separate entity that has its own life and the right to choose?

"Whatever you can, or you think you can start it. Courage has the genius, power and magic." - Goethe

Buttocks, ass - sexy lure the guys

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Training by Mateusz Wyszynski (trainer in Soho Body Spirit Debica)

After a busy weekend, I admit that I dreamed about training and return to reality. I have my favorite classes in the club to which we attend with Ana and one of them is "Strength and Endurance" by Mateusz W. And as usual instructor hit the point of the exercise, because this week I decided to focus just on the buttocks. I present a set of exercises, so that he feels the buttocks to the present day, and it's probably fine :-)

As if that Ana said, every guy likes to look at a nice ass! And we girls want our ass was firm and shapely !! To work!!


I - 40s ON / OFF 20s (40-second - 20 seconds rest after each exercise)

Series x 3

1. Stride back + stride forward (still one leg for 40 seconds) + load

2. Stride back + stride in front of the other leg

3. Lifting hips with your feet on the bench

4. Skating jumps

Remember the torso and back straight with each exercise.

Stride - knee may not extend in front of the foot, the angle between the foot and the floor should be 90 degrees. Ideally perform this exercise sideways to the mirror, pay attention to your posture and adjust errors (hunched shoulders, excessive tilt to the front leg).

Lifting the hips - lie back on the mat. Hands hold straight up. Feet on the bench and lift your hips as high as only you can. Tighten your buttock muscles tight. You can stop traffic for several seconds, then return to starting position.

II - Bulgarian Split Squat (BG)

Series x 3

1. Stride BG with a dumbbell over his head 5x

2. Stride BG with a dumbbell to shoulder 5x

3. Stride BG with a dumbbell in the bottom 5x

4. Stride BG with a dumbbell overhead 5x (second hand same leg)

5. Stride BG with a dumbbell to shoulder 5x

6. Stride BG with a dumbbell at the bottom of 5x

Change legs - the same as above with the change of hands (1-6). This is one series.

Girls from the team

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Women of Sparta as a little girl has been very strictly brought up. Practiced physical fitness, dancing and singing. The ideal woman according to those beliefs was a woman athletic and healthy. The requirement of efficiency obliged to regular exercise and before the militarization of the Spartan women also took part in athletic competitions. It is interesting that in the absence of their husbands, which is actually all the time they were reliant on each other and need to cope with various situations was on the agenda. What this go? We know many of them do not come back from the battlefield, and then the women became heirs and estates were the main decision-making and a great influence on affairs of state. It was said - "Spartan Women have a greater impact on the state than their husbands on their own farm."

The history of history and the facts are these:

September 11, 2015 was established in Debica group SRTG - Spartan Race Training Group. The group aims to prepare for the run with obstacles, not only physically but also mentally. If no one had ever had to deal with this type of physical activity may be scared. It is known fear of the unknown - understand?

Going into this group a million thoughts came along with us. We have more than 30 years, we are efficient, something also go to gym ;-) but to just run and have to something to climb / crawl / climb it ohoho.

"In my head I repaeted - Ratajos (so to call me ;-) you are afraid of mud, come on? Don't be pussy ?! In m"It was probably the best motivation I do not know if more time was to show" them "that I can do it or in spite of the fear of the new I shall cross your comfort zone. Both the Head & Shoulders has created a blend that thanks to its wonderful properties wound the me to come for training.

The truth is ... In the world of sports such major violin playing Testosterone, not that I have anything against (Marta remember this guy from Krynica the wall ??? almost wall I ran to a look up close ;-), but we like even if it is conserved balance - hormonal balance in the environment is essential. This was another incentive for us - women in training. Many of them we knew the club because it was easier for us from contacting. Gradually they looked in another girls which definitely make atmosphere lighter and it was a rather extreme form fun than the soldiers' drill-without pressure, without pressure.

Women have is something that alleviates the conflict, which gives incentive to other women or men for applying on training. Each of us is different, a great variety of characters, passion, ways of everyday life. Looking so sometimes on the side of not, those are our Spartan what I see ...

The women seemingly so ordinary? None of the big carriers there biceps, normal (a bad word-because what is normality?) Every day blend into the everyday perform their classes, work, deal with the education of children, but the house every Friday at 18:00 with a group SRTG Debica and according to their abilities overcome barriers to your own body and mind.

Spartan strength and determination, which is born from the commitment, tempers the spirit to "fight the obstacles." If you expect the bullshit me, and after me a lot to expect ;-), but certainly not that tell you a tale like this workout is cleanly, nice and pink. Is not!!!

It is hard work at which you sweat, turles new leggings, you will pant with exhaustion as after a hard night but my friend - came spartanka despite all these drawbacks is such an amazing feeling, I do not know what to call it. Hmm. I describe it as ... Imagine your everyday life, the same steps in the morning you go to work you are there 8 hours (not all of us, work is a passion), mostly sitting behind the desk, then shopping, take your child from school / daycare, etc. sometimes called. Free time you manage to "escape" out with friends or work with Chodakowska however, this is often the same pattern - boring reality in which you tell yourself that "you do not have time" for training to develop passion ... And suddenly you get the opportunity to train for free with people so different that sometimes it's funny no way for what could combine for example. Information from kindergarten? The joint training course !!!

The feeling after a workout when your body with endorphins explosion like fireworks bursting at the four corners of the world and the wide smile (we women have an unearthly ;-) when the flashback filtering course of events, their struggle for another centimeter on the line, the next step with a sack on his back and traditionally "high five" from the rest of the team in front of a group selfie ;-)

Women soften manners, bring positive energy and good mood for the team. And what's important support each other on the way to crossing the comfort zone.

SRTG Debica group that its large turnout in training also owes us spartan chicks.

I interview with a few of them (unfortunately we are not able to reach every ;-). I present to you the outline and the genesis of their adventures with SRTG DĘBICA.

Jola on a daily coach in Spiders Training Team Debica

... "Why SRTG Debica? I became a part of it after the first participation in the Spartan Race in 2015 when it assumed together with Seba group to be able to continue training and prepare for the next event. Challenges, adrenaline and challenge oneself is what excited me most during gear "

Bernadette - kindergarten

... "Adventure SRTG Debica, began over a year ago. Why? The woman, 40+ something hard to find a place, it seems that life is over, "dying" but this does NOT need to be and is not. I am a living example of a well-started stage of my 'second' life full of passion, people known and to motivate action ... Nobody asks how old are you? We are all "equal" and not feel at all that I am one of the oldest Spartan chick. ..we are like FAMILY. I work in a nursery where I help the children with the upbringing of new generations, wonderful and wise. The motivation are my people ... "

Agnieszka - mum of 3 years Marysia

... "The training of SRTG Debica persuaded me Sebastian and Anka Spartanka. At the beginning I had a problem with it, I can not do that these obstacles overcome me and not vice versa, but with a workout in the training was getting better, and the atmosphere in the group and the number of positive freaks all the more to me spoke not to resign but to fight for yourself, your health and your daughter transmit the principles and the desire to fight to overcome obstacles in everyday life. I feel good there and thought that during the competition is close and help the more fills me with pride that trains them ... aroo "

Edyta -recepcjonistka at the fitness club / insurance agent

"... Running started with coercion, for weight reduction, health and what turned out over time, in particular, for the pleasure and sense of freedom. I remember the moment when I started to run through the woods, the fear that I'll get hurt running down the hill or a huge shortness of breath when you ran up at its peak, and again quickly convinced that once again fall in love - in running, and Spartan Race induced in me strong emotions and adrenaline, which still did not know. It is kind of addiction competition from achieving the objective and the satisfaction! .. "

Iwona - physiotherapist

"... Training with SRTG encouraged me to this activity mainly because they are on the outside and every time is a great unknown about the area, location and type of challenges. I caught the bug. When the group has developed what was cool when I met Bartek. It's fun because the merged our passion together also cheer yourself in competitions and mutually give themselves support. There are obstacles that make me overcome and this is my motivation, and every time I choose a different goal to achieve for specific occupations. We must take the first step and exit from the zone comfort and the fact that classes are out and various positive people taking part in training also deepens the relationship and encourages joint outputs in private life. in SRTG Debica feel comfortable with what is probably a fairly important element of belonging to any group of people with passion ... "

Nothing more nothing less right? And these are only a few examples from our group (the rest is embarrassing and are uncomfortable giving interviews) showing a number of common reasons to attend training SRTG. Women such a delicate creature, is not it ?? Who would have thought that the desire of adrenaline, competition or simply in this way do reset, reset emotions that from Monday to Friday on our body wreaking havoc primarily as muscle tension, to whom we give vent to your workout. (Do you think that after what we wear this bag of sand or perform a series of burpees? ... And so also to our guys is then not reprimanded how these emotions in us too much, in order to exceed the limits of our bodies (for each other ) - as well all know the sacrifices which is capable of the female body, which transformed and pain to which no one has to face.

Women - poor sex ??? And you want to bet with us that there ?? To see this we invite you to join training in preparation for racing with obstacles with a group SRTG Debica and groups SRTG in Poland -

Spirulina - unique green powder

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Spirulina is a blue-green alga with many nutritional benefits and health with a taste resembling at least I fish food (adding to yogurt, buttermilk or cocktail completely loses its specific taste). It contains various vitamins, amino acids, minerals and over a hundred other nutrients. Each of these elements has nutritional value for health and therefore recommended Spirulina is a food additive, and I think especially for physically active people. Its regular consumption improves the condition of the body through these essential nutrients that are required for the proper functioning. I personally his adventure with the green powder started the race in Liberec. My stomach is often not assimilate "thicker content" meal before the race because for me the perfect alternative to scrambled eggs was a cocktail (you can find it on our funpage In addition to the many components such as. Protein in the form of kefir, carbohydrates, such as banana, avocado or vegetable fats or walnuts, essential in the diet during the exhausting racing was also Spirulina.

  • Its basic building block is a protein, spirulina and it contains 4 times more than the same amount of meat.
  • It comprises 8 amino acids which can not be produced by the body - essential amino acids.
  • It contains beta-carotene - a source of vitamin A, which amount is 20 - 25 times higher than in carrots.
  • It contains vitamin B1 in an amount greater than the vegetables or fruit.
  • It contains vitamin B2 in amounts of 5 - 20 times higher than that of other foods.
  • It contains vitamin B12, which improves the memory and prevent anemia. Most people consume vitamin B12 contained in animal liver, but its Spirulina contains up to 2.5 times more and can be consumed by vegetarians (many say that she is not here, I do not know do not know much but I know what power he has faith;-)
  • It comprises gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid with a reducing cholesterol and preventing hypertension and heart disease.

High protein Spirulina, containing vitamins and chlorophyll has properties debilitating effect of hair loss. Vitamin F and nucleic acid in it acts as a supplier of oxygen to many cells throughout the body, which has a direct positive effect on the hair, skin and nails. Located also in its composition biotin has a significant impact on improving the quality of hair, nails and skin. I also recommend it in the diet of people suffering from anemia, I personally (Anka) most of his life struggling with this issue, and in situations where the "ready-made" iron from the pharmacy cause more stomach problems spirulina here is a salutary supplier of this component. It also acts as anti-inflammatory and cleansing but which for us Spartanek importantly - fantastic affects our muscles. "... Most probably, however, about the anabolic potential of spirulina tells us Sandhu study, published in 2010.

Both resistance exercise (weight training), hormones and other anabolic agents, stimulate the development of muscles and stop the loss of muscle mass, the best results, but a combination of both methods. And this issue in the context of spirulina studied Sandhu, putting together a group of 20 trainees and 20 untrained volunteers forcefully. In one group, and the other distinguished by an additional two subgroups in which the subjects received eight weeks, in addition to its permanent dietary or 2 g spirulina, or the same amount of flour as a placebo. The author, unfortunately, did not examine the effect of spirulina on muscle mass and body composition, focusing on only two qualities motor - muscle strength and strength endurance. The isometric force test, as compared to placebo on untrained volunteers who consume spirulina improved peak and average power of muscle strength and endurance - respectively - with approx. 7, 16 and 26%. However, in the same tests of strength, compared with the placebo group who are practicing, the trainee forcibly volunteers from the group with spirulina improved peak and average power of muscle strength and endurance - respectively - approx. 36, 32 and 30%.

Clearly we see that in this test model spirulina behaved like a classic anabolic agent, contributing positively to the efficiency of our muscles, especially effective in combination with strength training.

Spirulina is a rich source of protein; It contains up to 65% of valuable nutrient. We all probably know that protein is the most valuable food for muscle, because muscle tissue, after deducting the water, build mainly protein. For this reason, the protein is an essential element of sports nutrition with strength and sculpting disciplines, where the success depends on: the size and muscle strength.

The composition of spirulina protein is unique. It is composed of spirulina's protein cited above Voltarelli saw as spectacular successes feeding rats, in the context of the growth of muscle mass. Author compared in one of his work the milk protein with that of the spirulina's protein and compare this with that the second protein comprises a 9-fold, 6-fold and 9-fold more - respectively - isoleucine, leucine and valine. This is about the so-called. branched chain amino acids (BCAA), characterized by, as confirmed by many studies, strong anabolic properties.

Spirulina is also rich in essential minerals and valuable vitamins, especially vitamin C and compounds from the group of pro-vitamin A - carotenoids ... "

If, however, in terms of side effects, in the case of this alga are not present. It is completely natural, healthy and clean. Indeed, as already mentioned, it grows in water so salty that nothing is able to pollute. And that's why Spirulina is so healthy. Dear readers, you can see how wonderful product of nature is spirulina, and who of us Spartan does not want to improve their performance and increase muscle strength at a fantastically useful when gear Spartan Race.

Irrigation before and after training

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Water and Electrolyte is important to the proper functioning of the body and the intense physical effort becomes deeper meaning and must care for her in order to avoid unnecessary problems and discomfort during and after training. The most important is water, which is an average of 55-60% of an adult's body, and its content depends on age, sex and percentage of body fat. Water at 92% is a component of blood plasma, which helps transport oxygen to the muscles and other vital organs and that gives us strength. The lungs and the brain is 80% water, so the lack causing poor concentration. Without high moisture content in the body is not possible to breathe, ingestion, excretion and the digestion of food.

The large loss of water can cause dehydration of the body and manifest in the form of:

• increased thirst

• less frequent urination (and even if we give it, it is in the dark yellow)

• dryness of the oral mucosa and tongue

• wzdętego belly

• lack of appetite

• halt perspiration

• drying of the skin

• or dizziness

Dehydration physical performance declines and deterioration of athletic performance. The shortage of water in the body slows addition, postprandial regeneration. I admit that the problem affected me, and not just once. Explaining that there was no time, and I forgot about the water before training, there is no excuse. Irrigation of the body is recommended throughout the day as well as during exercise is the most desirable, of course, but then in moderation. If you want us terribly drink it means that there is sufficient nawodniliśmy before training and body to some extent, is dehydrated and demands of water. We do not drink hectoliters at a time when only gradually supply the water to the body best small sips. Let us remember the well water after exercise. As our urine is dark or have dizziness (as above), it means that our body is deodorised and you have to deliver the best liquids in small quantities and often.

As for the electrolytes or sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are fluids in our whole body, ie. In the blood plasma and tissue fluids, even in the case of trying to prevent the loss of large quantities. Electrolytes are usually lose during increased physical means, eg. On a cross-country, as well as when the body is struggling with a virus. Symptoms include general weakness, tremors and muscle spasms, high blood pressure or even fainting. Sodium helps to keep fluid in the body and to maintain body temperature. Potassium is required for the synthesis of proteins and affects the normal heart rhythm. Calcium activates the muscle contraction and affects normal bone structure. Magnesium in turn is responsible for the correct transmission of nerve impulses.

As we run a Spartan Race potassium replacement if the magnet is very important, especially against the same competition. We are saving the then-type agents: minerals in tablets, highly mineralized water naturally or with food rich in potassium and magnesium, and calcium. Not once we passed players who struggled with cramps on the route.

The demand for water and electrolytes is an individual matter and depends on the lifestyle we lead and the weather. We know the more we sweat in hot weather like this it needs to grow the same applies to exercise, the more the effort the greater the demand. Remember liquids is not only water but also tea, fruit or soup. Sports drinks are beneficial during intense efforts and long-term and after exercise, as they allow for quick loss supplement of carbohydrates, but also not exaggerate them.

And exercise or running on a "hangover"? The body at the start is dehydrated, and this is not desirable, although I admit that we sometimes :-). I would recommend whereas before and during the workout drinking still mineral water, and after training as most carbonated water (as someone so fond).

In conclusion it is not indicated:

- Too much fluid before training or start to rehydrate instead of the regular supply of fluids throughout the day

- With plenty of fluids during your workout or run because your body feels deficiencies before starting

- Too much caffeine and energy drinks, which dehydrate and leach magnesium

- Too much alcohol the day before the competition

- Running at very high temperatures.

ICEBUG Acceleritas 4-L RB9X

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First started racing in the area as "amateur " I didn't realize the importance of proper footwear until the first training SRTG. A lot of mud, puddles, ascents and increased risk of injury, all this had an impact on the decision to purchase the right shoes.

Where to start looking? I thought ... On the market hundreds of models praised by the manufacturers. But something always lacked. So I sat down and quietly wondered what I Anka Spartanka  personally expect from this type of footwear.

I am a small woman weighing 52 kg needed shoes light, minimalist even, that the racing type Obstacle Race is likely to get wet, zabłocenie which is associated with the possibility of a slip and you know what follows ...injury. Something that would give me the lightness / agility, comfort for the foot and safety.

One day I look and what I see? Shoes ideal (ideal for women is also nice look ). By chance I found a website of the Swedish company ICEBUG. In the picture a woman in a muddy colored shoes in fuchsia model ICEBUG Acceleritas 4-L RB9X.

And here ... I love at first sight.come on? I like to look good in the mud 

But weighs approx. 180 grams is ultra light which is important for: - Shorter distances where the speed and lightness is important - Long tiring journeys type Spartan Race considering that the route happens to swimming and mud "foot"

These shoes are made in the technology of Non Absorbing which ensures that rates will not be burdened with soaked shoes. It can increase its weight by up to 20% of its weight, but it is hardly noticeable.most importantly - the sole or most important element of the whole, it is important mainly due to the adhesion to the substrate when running on rough terrain on muddy / wet and slippery mountain trails. Used a mixture of gum RB9X gives about 90% more friction on difficult surfaces compared with other manufacturers and the added bonus is the fact that the sole ICEBUG no clashes during the run on asphalt !!!

The company ICEBUG are many interesting running shoes for women and men as well as with the use of so-called."Clever spikes" that adapt to the ground to provide the best possible grip.

The only downside might be the price. It dates back to the amount of about 429 zł, however, given the virtually indestructible of shoes which I am a living example as a participant Gear Spartan Race.honestly and in good conscience recommend ICEBUG.


Spartan Race obstacles

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"I wonder what kind of obstacles will be there" ?! This question often falls before the race.

As you get lucky and there are two races in one weekend like in Liberec (Beast and Sprint) someone always share his knowledge of what awaits you in front of your course but if not you will be stand and think about that;-) Unfortunately we do not have the ability of clairvoyance and our thinking  no way bring us closer to knowledge about obstacles route.of course, Uncle Google and Aunt Youtube will give you a substitute for experience and visually you can ... palpable rope or the touch Monkey Bar.

However, tests on your own body, face and ass (sometimes a Spartan stretch out a helping hand or hands to help you on the wall ;-) ladies ... most recently in Tokaj as a boy he wanted to help me, that almost threw me on the other side of the slope ;-) I am light and he didn’t know me that’s obvious... so help is not to worry about  Girls ;-) but everything in moderation, to the crowd to help with the obstacles it was ... ok bore me and here about something else has to be ;-)

Countdown and run ...Sprint about 20 obstacles - such a mixture of natural with those created by the organizers. This is 5+ km distance and in practice, about 7km.This relatively short section and obvious that these 20 obstacles will be virtually one after the other within a short distance of each other but this is a big plus because there is no time for just any thoughts or moments of doubt ... simply enter / runs / crawl it !! ! You have no time for wondering if you like you can think about what's for dinner or what shoes to date assume ;-)

From our own experience we know that the only thing you think when it's about what you do at the moment and the statement "counts here and now" it takes on deep meaning .Sometimes happens also that you are dissociated (quarrel lovers, mandate because as you hurry swimming in the mud that I suffered, and Mr Policeman did not understand, and even millions of blinks per minute, nothing here could (method usually works - ) and then nobody better to the way around you was not because they had heard that same fu ... ;-) well, so it goes.It is not always beautiful and charming. That is not competition at doing make-up in the field or a Sunday tea with friends.This is mud (you have it where you do not even know that it could be ;-), sweat (in Krynica on Jaworzyna Mountain could be to light the grill without the lighter, by the way barbecue, we take it to Krynica Spartan Beast 2017 and we dump on sausages - ) someone willing???

You can see, despite the difficult conditions, medications or other types of events (add what exactly you fit ;-) enter it with all your heart and obstacles to overcome as far as our possibilities.if not, and sometimes it is, something that is still not achievable for us, then what awaits us? only 30 burpees ;-) no philosophy and do you need as quickly as possible because time is running out and the medal is waiting for us ... just why women at the finish line of medals not hand muscled guys ??? ;-) I hope that this will change and Poland will set an example other countries !!!

Thoughts - such beings circulating properly around the clock at our head, and just because they play a vital functions The I present to you a few of them accompanying us from obstacles:

- Finally something is happening

- Cramps, hmm if caught (without associations, I thought about the lines)

- Wall could use a guy to help because it is slippery ... ooo, good there is one ;-)

- Focus girl !!!

- Damn Monkey Bar, right away I'm going to do Burpee

- mud, will be  fun and a good shot ass well

- Wire ... good I have to be careful on the hair and leggings

Often, however, you do not think about anything, you do the obstacle and fly away.

Do we have a favorite obstacles? Yea the easiest ... well ok not always

 Bags of sand and buckets of gravel are even quite pleasant, teach you divert attention from the burden of the beauty of the environment (typically mountainous areas).

Rope ... Krynica Zdroj the Beast zing in the mud pool at the rope (fast diving with even faster ascent ;-) combined with "I do not go in? I? "I went.

Flip tiresmemory test, javelin throw is also quite pleasant moments that give a respite during the competition because of course you do not do it and breath calm down.

You are afraid of? Well fear is also needed .For what? then we have a more heightened senses and instinct. If so you have it you are safe from obstacles. These are the only "inanimate creations," which, as a child, unless you have given them power as the "monster from the closet" is nothing to be afraid . Namely the obstacles in life are now more real and occur virtually every day but do not give advice? You put your hands up and breaking down? Oh no!!! You fight with them, bypasses, looking for solutions. Then ask yourself. If you must overcome a real logs, and get up after the fall of the stronger what are you afraid at Spartan Race ??? Are you in? Because I do not see any obstacles  ;-))))))




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AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

This training endurance strength, which aims to provide a better physical fitness of the body. It focuses on the ever-changing, intense exercise aimed at achieving overall physical fitness, which will help to face any challenges. Training, which is to carry as many repetitions with a fixed schedule at a certain time, and the performance of fixed repetitions of each exercise gives us one round. It is important to breathe here, you have to regulate your breathing so as not to burn out at the beginning of the challenge. Results AMRAP'ów can save and compare the results. Sets of exercises they are selected for the purpose of what we want to achieve, or under the supervision of a trainer. With a variety of many exercises we can perform well at home.

Amrap is a great way to:
• reduce body fat
• check your mental toughness
• improve your technique
• build strength
• to increase the ability to operate with a high heart rate
• test their limits

Amrap 20 minutes:
20 thrusters
10 box jump
7 burpees
10 Hollow body rocks/ alternative sit-ups
5 pull-ups 

Remember about the preparation, earlier warming especially those parts and muscles, which we want to focus during training and do not forget about stretching'u after training.

Why do you need a mud woman !!!

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Debica / Ropczyce - a medium-sized city and town located in the province podkarpackie. Besides lots of flower shops / hairdressers / beauty was not a lot of places where you can spend time actively. In the last two years in Debica it was established at the end of a few larger fitness clubs that competed in ingenuity on the course. By trial and error, we found a place that gave us access to the so-called functional training. "Gate" as well as training in the field.

I remember the first time (June 2015) colleagues from the club asked if I wanted to fall into a workout Spartan ... frankly not specifically had any idea what this is but I agreed ?.

I will never forget this training. 30stC, running the hills and at a few km natural obstacle (crawling in a drainage ditch, jumping over walls, etc.). Running I wondered why I did it, gym schould be enough. People I was running in 1997 last time!!! We ran about 7 km, and what? I liked the most and you know what? Namely: functional training, along with obstacle racing gave incredibly fast effects on the body. I just fell in love with the mirror !!! I've always been slim but it was that. Seeing metabolism and appetite for training increased. Everything makes sense if, of course, eating properly, respectively. I ate differently but I have to admit that the systematic training + running has taught me how, what and when to eat to have the strength to racing and overcome obstacles in the field. Between the time a training group SRTG Debica preparing to shift Spartan Race.I will say frankly that I was scared as hell the first start.

2 months after twisted ankles (as my friend says, "Only Anka can simultaneously turn both ankles and even complete training ? a lot of things can only me ? my first and Gruszka start took place in Kosice. It was a Spartan Sprint that is the shortest distance of 5 + km and about 20 obstacles.I felt fear driving there really mega "anxious" possessed me, ask why?

As a little girl (now I'm low ;-)) was not the day to take me to a tree or was not on the stage and how it came time picking apples is my grandfather always asked me for help, but the biggest stupidity like this idea was strolling through the old, dangerous railway bridge when passing (well, that my mother did not read !!! ? Call for adventure and adrenaline of a child and yet as "old lady and mother," I was afraid of obstacles !!!

12:20 hour set at the starting line. Gruszka, I and the rest of the team from SRTG Debica. 10 min thoughts (start wave 12:30). This is what happens when the mind is amazing. I would describe it as a recipe for spicy Mexican dish (only in this case does not end up in the toilet ?) 60% of adrenaline, 20% fear of the unknown, 20% of euphoria.

Countdown, smoke flares, energetic music and ... no return. That's it, soaking into the crowd, blends with the surroundings, you go like a storm and oddly - with a smile on his face derive pleasure from it. Already at that time after about 1km we knew we found another goal and passions. Hail, cloudburst that's all what then happened there did not matter. It's like moving in a trance. More with this fun than fear, and what a view ahead ulala (we recommend paint on his face the color flags Polish facilitates the matter of relations between men and women ?).

These emotions will not give you a gym (no offense but in weightlifting no adrenaline ? unless you look cool chick and you're spin to her surprise ? ... and certainly will not give you the sofa, on it you can. ..!!! Many times we heard from the guys' Super sucker you, I admire ... fingers crossed and a lot of success "a nice ...

2017 is very important to us:

 - Blog, which we started, is aimed mainly at women, who do not have the courage to go alone on the course - we are for you, and if you decide will be for you to support the run

- Poland for the first time officially is the organizer of race in many cities at the more we as Poles should be encouraged to participate in the Spartan Race to support work they made
"Change is the only constant in life."We changed our life and always something happens, get to know new people who also have passions, sometimes different than ours but thanks to complement each other by sharing experiences, because who knows what knowledge in life you useful and even number passion for one man is yet unlimited.

Today we talked with our colleagues from our friendly team Soho Survival. Casual conversation about training, events in which we participate we and they, exchange of dishes, some laughter, and you know, dear readers, this is a mega cool that despite the different teams and hobbies we share a passion, a passion for racing with obstacles (guys I'll see you at Krakow Spartan Sprint ?).


Dakar 2017 - mega participants

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I must admit that the Dakar I have a weakness (do not know how Anka  :-) so could not miss it on the blog. Maybe one day ... and I know I dreamed, but in the end for wanting nothing difficult.

The creator of the Dakar Rally was a French rider Thierry Sabine. Apparently, when in 1977, lost in the desert during the rally Abidjan - Nice thought it was a great challenge for fans of driving in extreme conditions. Implementation of the idea took him a little over a year and the first Paris-Dakar rally started December 26, 1978 year.

This year's rally has started exactly on Jan. 2 and will last until January 14. 39 - editing rally held by the three South American countries: Paraguay, Bolivia and ending in Argentina. In total, players defeat about 9,000 km. With the ramps set at the presidential palace in Asuncion the capital of Paraguay rolled off 318 vehicles, including 144 motorbikes, 37 quads, 87 cars and 50 trucks. Dakar rally is the most dangerous terrain in the world. According to the organizers it will be the hardest edition of the rally.

Philippe Croizon is 44 years old from France, who takes part in this year's edition. In 1994, as a result of electric shock, he lost both legs and hands. Under the influence of a TV program about the French long-distance swimmer he began training. He swam a few hours a day, mostly in the sea, and with the assistance of the French maritime police. After some time, he has set itself the goal of crossing the English Channel, which he did in 2010, at the age of 42. He covered a distance of 34 km in less than 14 hours. This was possible after attaching special prostheses. Participation in the Dakar is his childhood dream and thanks to the technology turned out to be possible. Special joysticks combined with hydraulic actuators. Thanks to the player on the gas and brakes the left limb, and right turns. If Croizon overcome more than 9000 km, of which goes high in the mountains, part of the dunes, or other challenging terrain, it will show the world what means motto "nothing is impossible".

"It's easy, it's like a video game" - Croizon

Noteworthy is also Albert Llovera Andorran rally driver and former alpine skier. He participated in the Olympic Games in 1984 (Sarajevo) at the age of 17 years. In 1985 he had a serious accident, after which it is paralyzed from the waist down. After the incident, he began to compete in races, first quads, then cars. Llovera more than 30 years fighting with his weaknesses, disability and even turned into an asset. Many in his place would have collapsed. However, he found a new a new passion - car rallies. Life shows how it can be unpredictable and therefore the worst thing we can do is give up. After years of persistent struggle, in 2007, he made his debut in the Dakar Rally, being a part of Team Isuzu. Then, like seven years later, said goodbye to the competition on the penultimate stage. It was not until the third attempt was successful. In 2015, as the term has passed 35. In the last edition he repeated his feat.

"I'm too ambitious to go. There is always time to do more. For many years I fought for it to have such a life as it is now "- Albert Llovera

We can not forget about the Poles in Dakar. 10. Poles dreamed of getting to the finish line in Buenos Aires and completion 39. edition of the toughest rally in the world.

Jakub Przygoński, one of the most experienced, his adventure began in 2009 and it continues to this day. Achievements to 6th place jednośladzie or 15 position in his debut drive in last year's Dakar.

Rafal Sonik, our winner of the Dakar on a quad, this edition is for him 9 performance in the rally.

Darek Rodewald, silent hero Dakar Polish mechanic. Rodewald of the Iveco team up twice stood on the highest step of the podium in South America and was once the second.

Motorcyclists: Adam TomiczekKuba PiątekPaweł StasiaczekMaciej Berdysz

Sebastian Rozwadowski as a pilot Litwiński driver Benediktas Vanagas

Kamil Wisniewski - quad

Michał Wrzos - mechanic trucks

Spartan Race for two

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Agnieszka 27 years, the young wife of Łukasz "small" and mom 3-year-old Marysia girl who moves with the speed of light, which certainly would be an advantage during the race Spartan Race Kids (just who it then stopped ??? Because finish certainly not ;-)

I knew Agnieszka from training in the fitness club to which we attend together with Gruszka. Our paths converged since we started training together in SRTG Debica. Aga likes to train and every new form of activity is the worth of interest. Sometimes it is difficult to combine work to training and raising of her daughter, especially when her husbend is on travels (this is his work). However, for wanting ....

Our hearts Aga won incredibly cheerful approach to life, a positive attitude and the goodness of their generally. Long time gathered to take part in the race. Not caused by a lack of desire rather random reasons (injuries). But Aga is strong. Everything was engulfed (the masseur are now like old buddies -) and there is only one question you need to persuade Łukasz...

I remember the time I went into a discussion with her husband Łukasz about the competition ... You know it is difficult for someone who had never taken part in such a race to explain what we feel at the finish. This is a must experience !!! Then he approached it with skepticism, and I do not think he knew how this issue will settle for good in his life. One training with a group of SRTG gave him some idea of competition but ... Exactly. Aga's husband went to work and had no opportunity to take at the time, participate in training but Agnieszka had a plan ;-)

She felt well, gained strength and willingness to train with the group after injury. Ahead run at the end of the season Spartan Race in Central Europe, which took place in Tokaj, Hungary. It was a distance of 13+ or Super Spartan. The area interesting, beautiful vineyards on the surrounding hills.

She made the decision for both of them. Actually, I do not know if Łukasz had an impact, but that his wife paid for race. It was necessary to take up the challenge. We laugh that almost divorce came through this course and most of the plates are broken.

Report from the race has been already described (bookmark Spartan Race-relations with the gear in 2016), so I will not repeat. But the most important thing is that the race was difficult, the distance also considerable and yet both of them as the "Newbies" is not afraid to take the fight for medals and, above all, what satisfaction and pride from such achievements. If not for organizational shortcomings (before the finish embolism 30 min. -1 Hour, no water stations) would only positive memories. When we return in five (I, Krzychu, Gruszka, Aga and Łukasz) one text stuck in our memory.

I ask Luke how was it and if he will repeat it. He replied briefly: "Can we not talk about it today?" ...

Yet again, we start with Aga and Łukasz and our group in Krakow 08.04.2017 r. This will be the Spartan Sprint Race that is the shortest distance 5+ km. Łukasz already can not wait, he sends Agnieszka videos from a variety of extreme racing with obstacles (Strong Viking in Denmark where he works) and apparently caught the bug.

As you can see with the husband / wife even more you can have fun. You can spend that time just the two (very romantic if not the mud ;-) come closer to each other, and talk and re-strengthen the bond which sometimes is interrupted by the monotony and boredom so often entering into a number of relations.

Personally, I would like more couples to participate because you need to tell sth your grandchildren at bedtime. In this case, Marysia probably follow in the footsteps of their parents soon and hopefully will stand at the forefront of SR Elite Kids you with all our hearts we wish her. or tables, if necessary.

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