Elite - the second face of the warrior part I.

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What to do tomorrow hmm...

- "Gruszka? Are you going to the cinema? Assassin'Creed fits you? You do not know what is it? "

You can see that Marta does not play on the console, but quietly certainly after this article comes to me and how it "real woman" take in hand ... falls and allow yourself to go into the world of virtual experiences;-)

Returning morning after cosmetic surgery rather invasive (looked like scrachted by cats) have reserved tickets for the evening ... "a date" with Gruszka, sth new.

We, 100 men in the room and Assassin'Creed.

Thanks to new technology Callum Lynch experiences the adventures of his ancestor, the assassin Aguilar, who lived in the fifteenth-century Spain. Soon he fights against the powerful Templar ...

The main role plays here cool dude (something for Women ;-)

What we mean by "cool" ??

  •     Intelligent in conversations
  •     Handsome
  •     the guy with the "balls"
  •     Well ... he uses sword well in this case ;-)
  •     He is confident
  •     Brave, brave

However, every superhero has a second face, a bonus - in addition to his "uncanny" - humility and authenticity every day.

Each of us knows more than one such guy, to whom, or sighs, or drives aft erhim to competitions / matches or in extreme cases, waiting under the window of his bedroom and calls his name, but I repeat in the extreme, as well as Gruszka says "take it easy ladies. " Our hero Assassin, has the ability to "blend in" to his ancestor to fight the evil. Thanks to these two worlds, a warrior and a mere mortal skillfully intertwined, and the hero draws from them the knowledge needed to use their skills well every day.

You know what we do in competition Spartan Race. Overcome obstacles, is not it? We do this to measure the forces and capabilities. Everyone has a different goal to 'pass'' on races such as:

- Fight with each other and their weaknesses

- A challenge for body and spirit

- A form of leisure

- Gaining seats in the classification of the open / elite

How many people so many different reasons, but each is important because it leads to the finish line ;-)

Running, many times we wondered who are the wave of the Elite. Well, after all, you can not know what it is Elite. I hasten so with the translation.

Spartan Race competitions each wave starts every 15 minutes. It consists of 250 athletes. As a first move just waves Elite (men, women) - they associate the fastest and most durable players from all over the world. Briefly …

Frankly, I not once thought of who they are, and if I had contact with them it's at all an abstraction !!! They were unavailable at the time of my then living, and so would have been if not for our next passion - our blog, which perfectly meshes with other hobbies.

And so one night (as at night are the best ideas and the subconscious mind there is no such control, and thus magical things happen) was created in my mind article, or rather its outline.

In a time where the world is ruled by fame, and sits on the board of Selfies, Challenge Day and Binder (we do not mind if you keep the frequency at the appropriate level), it would be worthwhile to show that the so-called. stardom did not hit their heads, they have a normal life, interests, family, etc.. Show the "human face" Elite athletes, so that was it. Random method and a little with the help of a third party we went a couple of guys, warriors who runs Elite have a lot of experience and also the amazing achievements in the international arena. As one person close to me says that I have the ability to influence the environment - of course positive, "attacked" the guys, I introduced a set of questions to the article and liked. The biggest problem was not with the text, but with a choice of photos ;-) I thought that only women as they have, and here, surprise. But the one we're all made out of clay.

Xrunners, Srtg Krakow, Hussars Race Team - a club to which they belong. Such places that treat like a second home. They have friends, together they leave for the competition where they give themselves support, but also collectively spend their free time outside competition. You know, it's beautiful, as people coming sport, as each infected with passion, they share their experience, to mutually push the boundaries of endurance and build a solid staircase to the world of OCR.

Hussars Race Team - Dream Team? Certainly one of many that has in its ranks players receiving extremely successful in the field of racing with obstacles. They are a harmonious team-training enthusiasts together, then give an example, that want to be able to. Image Husarii but is erroneously perceived by outsiders as a place inaccessible mainly because it is associated with people with extraordinary abilities running. Workout partner, having fun on trips and support which bestow upon themselves, can nevertheless encourage closer contacts with them.

Watching photos on funpage Hussars Race Team, in the eyes of the first to hit was Horse - Artur Surus. Sympathetic guy with blond mane of hair and a wide smile.

- "A Horse is a very cheerful person. The soul of the party. He is with us almost from the beginning. Thanks to his work, we are here at present. Great friend, companion travel, a great man, but a hopeless driver. Every trip to competitions and other events are legendary. You can not get bored. You can quote here a lot of history, but it is worth to focus on the most important question that Arthur is a horse. Once we went against the Spartans in Krynica in 2015 for training on Jaworzyna Mountain. Artur led training and ignoring the others ran trail 15 km of whether or not someone is behind him. When he turned around there was nobody. After this he was called "Horse" - Peter Zabiegaj creator Husarii Race Team.

It beats from him the fun energy - I thought. Without long thinking I decided that Arthur will be one of my cases, surveillance ;-) During the conversation has consented to the interview, and I gave him a set of questions. I know that the most difficult to write about myself, and here also it was not easy. Interview if it was about the competition or the results of the so-called. dry facts would be easy, but the situation is more difficult when you have to write the elements of life outside of racing.

- "Do you have  other passions outside of racing?"

"...Ana Saprtanka. Specify whether the passion is what I do in my spare time, or maybe other such sneak peak?".

;-) We came together, we take into account the interest Arthur, those who enjoy it, give him relaxation and an opportunity to gain experience of any kind.

"Come on give me sth, I note, fit?"

- "Calm down, wait. Okay so ... "

"With the active forms of leisure is definitely climbing, rather bouldering. Some time ago I caught the teaser, I attended very irregularly, but now I attend regularly. You know, and I liked it and it is also my unit training, as I combine business with pleasure useful. I fight there with "problems" whic sometimes do not allow me to sleep. For the next workout back to the same bald and I try again, and still, until it succeeds. I'll tell you frankly that it teaches patience and humility, and training at this wonderful, not once I come back home with tired arms. Table tennis also is one of the forms of spending free time. I like to play it with my brother, we have the same level of play, so the fight is always fierce. You know, if quite " off '' the sports section is like going to the cinema, mainly action films, war -  where reigns the action. The huge screen and good sound system in the cinema except when it clearly is not for any love story, drama, etc. but for movies, where it reigns action, special effects, shooting, explosions, chases and so on. In the past I had a sucker for bonding of aircraft models (it only teaches patience), which over time has been suspended, but will not say, but return it's only matter of time. Books about war, crime and historical are also in my life desired position. I really like to watch, whether on the Internet or on the type of Discovery channels, programs of technical, something like: engineering extreme, amazing designs and extreme machine. From the small fascinated me such things, what also made me want to become an engineer. You know I really like to listen to music, it fills every sphere of my life. I have a my favorite bands, whose music describes me, and their songs are good for every mood."

- "Ok, and please tell me how you look at the situation with the support, I mean the competition. Do you have someone like that? How it looks from family / friends? "

- "When it comes to family, this support gives me mainly brother, who also leads an active lifestyle, as well as running, hence surely understanding my passion and participation in competitions. The rest of the family rather is of the opinion that I should sit on my butt, because otherwise I'll ever get hurt. Huge support comes, however, from the team, and friends from the world of racing with obstacles not even related to my team. Some time ago there was a person who motivates me, gives me a kick to the action, for which I am grateful. "

"What do you feel when you step on the starting line?"

- "When I stand on the starting line always in my head scrolling 3 things. How do I start if from the beginning "of the hoof" or maybe calmer and what will be the tactic gear. Weather conditions, like a huge influence on my prosecution and that defeat obstacles will be very difficult. Well, these are some of them critical, and again appear on the route, whether this time will pass them without a problem. With the moment when the final countdown is coming soaring emotions, on the one hand you want to get it over, secondly, you do not want, because you are afraid of what will happen when stops. At the same time start time slows down and even stops for a split second to instantly speed up. We go, like warriors to fight with nature, obstacles, enemy and ourselves. "

- "... Arthur?"

"Yes, Anna?"

"Is there anyone whom you consider a role model or something special you appreciate it?"

"You know, I have a total of such authority, eg. From the world of sport, but someone who particularly impresses me is my dad - a man busy for what it sincerely appreciate and respect. Besides himself rather appoint a new path, I go where others do not go, do things others can not do ... I want to be authority for other people, someone you want to emulate."

- "Well so dear fellow, if so, give you a chance, as the first response to the next question. It also is not yet frayed by one way, so perfectly that fell on  Ready"


"How you support women into gear and starts in the competition - the challenge here for you."

-"Ladies, show that you have character, and the one who came up with the concept of "the weaker sex" grossly wrong. Besides, it's probably a good feeling to dig many a guy on the competition? Am I right Ana?

"Yes .. Horse"

"Thank you for your time. And one more thing. Do you have a dream, so special?"

"Wait ... yes, life without stress. That would be something. Hardly attainable, but if dreaming costs nothing, why not try it? "

"I am glad that, although you could virtually get to know Arthur. Maybe one day we can get to know you personally and your team mates - maybe a common practice? And just, you know the article has recruited someone else with the Hussars Race Team "

-"Who? Tell me !!!"

"... Patience is a unique gift, and I give you the opportunity to commune with him in the near future ..."

"Then I wait Anka Spartanka"


Gymnastics - Łukasz Gębara

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Gymnastics. Hmmm ... When I saw this type of classes in the schedule of our club somehow I do not desire to try this form of physical activity. I thought, uh it's not for me, let others show and honestly chose other activities. As you know, we are open to various forms of activity and enough conversation with Łukasz - our coach for gymnastics, and not only to come again and see how it looks. After the first class, my outlook on gymnastics has changed and what I saw in the classroom is a mega positive impression. Łukasz Gębara this guy very positive and ebullient. He has a passion and to know how to pass it on. It is the right person in the right place. I highly recommend and I wish all those coaches in their clubs. I love fanatics and therefore pass on the baton to the person. Łukasz !! I do not know where you get your inspiration, but do what you do. Here are a few words from him about the gymnastic, maybe he will also convince you :-)

"Gymnastics - one word millions associations. It is not only a way to improve mobility, strength, agility, flexibility and strength, but also a great tool for building the perfect machine with his own body. Its interdisciplinary nature allows her to be queen of all sports, as in any sport foundations built are just on it. You see probably often people swinging on poles and doing some elements of gymnastics on lampposts and poles - precisely the street workout also can meet those elements. I started from the acrobatics but always with the downturn of mounth watched the struggle gimnasts at the Olympics. It was amazing how these guys are built and what kind of things can knead with your own body.

There is a false association that gymnastics is "somersaults" and "revolutions", while the methodology Gym is one of the best methods of learning in the world. This is absolutely something for everyone, from absolute beginner to total stager. If your goal is to be the best version of yourself and overcome any obstacle no matter where and how it will be a great workout for you or to supplement it. In gymnastics great emphasis on the development of muscle strength, but it is not overlooked when the process strengthening the connective tissues of the body - the joints, ligaments and tendons. It was not until a full package allows you to enjoy without injury fully effective workout. The second issue is the fact putting on a proper stretching and mobility of key human joints. In this configuration, you are sure that you develop completely. Looking at my eyes on today's racing obstruction can easily say that walking to the gym or practicing street workout most of the obstacles call it strength, it will be for you trifle (rope, transition overhang the wheels, climbing obstacles, etc.). Wherever you need a powerful upper body strength you will be surprised how after some time training will facilitate things. The key, however, is a technique and a large dose of self-denial if you want to enter the really heavy elements. For this I encourage you to explore these secrets, to be a better version of themselves, and certainly stronger. But wait a moment, someone was going to say that the legs do not. We do here, but we put a lot of improving effectiveness and explosive strength (to generate it in the shortest possible time eg. stroke accessible). Such training, in turn, will allow you to overcome all obstacles with ease and with almost feline grace, and still your lower body will be strong as hell! So if you are looking for activities that will make of you a better and above all, more efficient machine that gymnastics is a great idea! "- Łukasz

The cult of the body - our thoughts

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Everyone associated with the silhouette of a beautifully built women and men, right? Beautiful it is, how? What path to take in the pursuit of the so-called. excellence, if at all? The body has always played an important role in everyone's life for a long time, but nowadays this role has become even some obsession and the only way to achieve success, whether in the field of social or professional. With a variety of media draw beautiful patterns and the false belief that improving your beauty, we become more attractive and more valuable to the environment or the opposite sex. What is the limit to the pursuit of beauty and whether or not we become victims to promote something that will never give us a lot of satisfaction from themselves? Each of us is a separate entity and not conformed to the other, or to generally accepted stereotypes. Let us try to appreciate our "I", our differences and be proud of yourselves. Remember that the most important thing is the balance between body and soul. We can strive for excellence and physical neglect on the occasion of the development of mental and spiritual.

It is clear that each of us (maybe not all but most) would like to be liked, to attract masculine or feminine look. Do not kid yourself, this is so and we will not argue with that, but not in this issue, we like to be desirable (human nature ;-). The problem arises when what pushes us toward this may cause side effects in this personal fight for every centimeter.

When you're still in the safe zone, and when in this eluded? You thought / were looking for this?

From an early age in many families the girls feel pressure to look or weight, which undoubtedly causes paralysis and pushes towards destruction. Each of us knows for certain cases of anorexia or bulimia in the immediate vicinity, and seeing everywhere around us lean body models or well-built ladies fitness clubs (do not confuse with sports sylwetkowymi) - the pressure increases. Additional is thinking: "but I'll find a guy who will want the cane overweight?" Then the young lady stops eating regularly, dried up the stomach, enters into nicotine addiction, everything just to get rid of those extra kilograms, which is reflected sadly on health, physical and mental. I suppose and the family quietly sleep through it can not. Personally, being in college I had a similar problem. I weighed then 43 kg and only the clothes on me perfect were for children, but in my head there was a problem, was effectively masked. only good people, my friends helped me get back to normal. Want to come back toappearance of such? Absolutely !!! I have now completely different problem that most women would envy me - fast fat burning and despite adequate nutrition is hard for me to gain weight, for at all times with the increased intensity of the workouts I have to control your weight. When the drops even with 0.5 kg I stop training until my weight comes back to the initial state. And so bad and not so good. Important to find a solution in harmony with our mood and psyche.

We believe that the same is with men. They also live under pressure and slaughter for hours in the gym to "she" noticed that I tried, that is progress, that praised the like. Added to this is the image of "alpha male," so now sought. We like the "guys with balls," but we believe there is a lot to do with appearance, or rather the so-called. "Embraced" in the real world. The omnipresent pressure, outdoing the challenge who drained out how much (the eternal struggle) will increase injury, and is the beginning of the road towards the use of illicit means. How many mega cool guys (the same;-) personally know who have relationships male - female in their opinion on the burned position, mainly by lack of muscle native of California beaches.

If you do it with pleasure, and sport is your passion and you approach this with the head, then everything makes sense, and the results are amazing. You feel the need to exercise for many reasons, but not necessarily for the acceptance environment, right? For us training often helps to remove tension, which has a soothing effect on the state of mind. The rule is - the less you have the urge to effect, the faster he will come alone, but it is based on acceptance of your body, because if it does not happen yo-yo effect. Work on another humbling, it allows you to explore your options, so check while racing with obstacles and find a side effect can be nicely sculpted silhouette. May or may not. Often in women it is that, unfortunately, hormones govern us, and disturbances in the economy badly they can affect our body and well-being, which, unfortunately, often do not have any influence. If you, dear readers, this woman has problems, say, thyroid, and for that loved one constantly pressuring and criticizing her appearance, what happens? Do you realize? This little woman closes in on itself, loses contact with the environment, she falls into a state of collapse. Everything tends toward depression, and, in extreme cases, to take her own life. In the name of what? Do these 5 cm less in waist will show that she is a better person, it will become by it prettier and sexier, and her family will be had for more affection? If so, it's time to change the environment. Is this guy feed his body to exhaustion moments that just do not fall out of circulation, the muscles will give his women a sense of security in everyday matters, and his children fully healthy and vigorous father?

Nowadays "fit body" is often no longer the way to a healthy lifestyle just fashion, and fashion is so, that is changing. And how they will tell you that "junk food" is healthy, but what, take the risk? World media has a huge influence on how the image is now "in the price", and those less resistant to the suggestion, fall blindly into this maze of roads without exit.

Remember that your body is your temple, the only one we have. You can not change the spots, and people do not "aliens" who have the ability to change the carrier when the former fails. Most important is to look after them, pamper him in unprocessed food and exercise, according to their strengths and abilities, because as everyone knows already exceeded the limits of borders. Eat well which will give you the results in the form of eg. A beautiful skin, shiny hair and a healthy heart and weight wellbeing. And when a good mood even a simple walk with the dog quickly lead you to achieve the objective.

At the competition, so in fact there are plenty of people with a "beautiful bodies", which is often noticeable as such. Gentlemen running around without a shirt, but there are also cool, positive players of all ages and with different body build. I think that here we are all on a similar position. Everyone has the same distance, the same obstacles and the guy with the "radiator" Balance Beam may be impassable or forget the memory test, where the person with more weight, but with a sense of stability or with better memory, credited it with no problem. Burpees penalty miss what's better, build up self-confidence.

Whether you are slim, stout, low, high, what does it matter if you're not healthy, and your interior is not compatible with all the machinery? If you feel good with yourself and accept your body, then exercise ie. Running, bike, functional training and whatever you want, you will give you most of all the satisfaction that you did something for yourself !!! Not for a guy / girl or the environment. You're the captain of a ship in the waters of life, and you decide what direction You receive today, and what the next cruise. Most importantly - surround yourself with people who will give you energy and support into action. Ask for help in training or on obstacles, it's not discredit it? We are short and ask for help with wall. Sometimes I or Gruszka not "do" the wall, and so what? This way we get to know new people (rather likeable gentlemen, you know ;-), and then an even wider smile on our faces, because it has to be also good fun. Health, positive energy and inner harmony is what the fastest approach you to its target on the road to self-acceptance;)
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