The desire of climbing and unsatisfied Gruszka - part II

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- "How far is to Krupówki?"

- "Not so far, you should turn on behind that sign there and you will be very close"

I do not know that in the mountains the far means  near  for them or just we have such bad luck:-0. After 4 km walk arrived hungry and thirsty as hell. We found a nice place with delicious food (cream of beet for Gruszka and my soup-cream of mashrooms) and drinks ;-). The evening passed on memories from our trip but also in the planning approach to Kasprowy next day ...

Tuesday 27/12/2017. Whiteout, wind, low temperature. Gruszka if not her some problem, she probably drag my by hair on Kasprowy :-). This time the flag SRTG taken such a plan, we are going on foot (hahaha this option didn’t work, although if insisted a little snow we saw) we ride up, do 30 burpees and ride down.

Tickets bought. We, crazy skiers and a group of Russian tourists with an infant in pram. Normally the Poles would surprise me, but that they were Russians are somehow so natural it seemed ;-).

On the way to the top enjoying the view (not much to be seen but I have a vivid imagination what helped me to draw the rest). Ski runs closed, temp. -10st C and blizzard did a job. Our faces cutted by snowflakes, wind pulls into the abyss but whatever the mission must be accomplish (more than a year ago if someone had told me that I have to do burpees (and what the f... is  burpee? It would have laughed at him but as you can see, our life is unpredictable and surprising and even now at the top of the pyramid if we could we will do burpees there). Short walk probably do not know for what and where because everywhere you see only snow and snow;-). Gruszka was thrashing like a leaf the wind but as befits a camera operator she fell into the role so that almost bumped into a guy and almost fall  him down and even rescue helicopter it would not help here... I know that the I hang on somethimes but I did not think it was to give to others; d

Position to burpees adopted, the flag SRTG Debica hanged and... we have audience. Five guys standing and looking at us. I say: "Instead of becoming so I invite you to challenge" ... "And what are burpees?" - asks one of the man. I didnt explain I show them. I ended up on the fact that "I persuaded two of them" (this is the gift of persuasion ;-) to one common burpee. The rest I've done by myself.

When I wondered how it would do it in Svit at even lower temperatures, when there was a terrible and at times lacked of breath. It’s saying: "Where the devil can not go somewhere, woman he will send". He would have to think about it because these two girls are capable of wipe many unexplored tracks yet. Why are we doing this? I'll tell you something ... Sit down for a moment and think about how looks your life. I think that looks like this: work-home / children / husband / wife-work ... Ok sometimes a fitness training  or zumba is taking place but remember (and here I'll be honest; -) we age, the time whizzes through fingers like grains of sand. Our body without adequate treatment in the form of unprocessed food and exercise is speeding to the limit like crazy !!! What can you gain? First of all, health, strong heart, increase your physical attractiveness and  self-confidence. Your children will benefit , you know like to be in constant motion and if they could romp with mommy / daddy is already in the general euphoria.We often hear: "But I do not want to have a very powerful muscles !!!" This is was I have to ask you: "Do we look like the daughters of Arnold ??? "

The 8-hour session can be contracted mainly hemorrhoids and after coffee and donuts your belly doesn’t look good. That’s why appeal to those who are work in office. If you want to try something new (at the beginning of give yourselves to us for two hours on the weekend) we can show you what they look like our workouts without pressure, calmly while assuring a heap of laughter (abdominal muscles work). Each started from something and we are a living example that everything is possible. Remember also that in Spartan Race is deficiency of women but handsome Spartan whole lot of what I think also for single is an additional motivation. We will give you helping hand in training or during the run but you only need to take once a decision different than before and I guarantee that you will not want to go back to old habits.





The desire of climbing and unsatisfied Gruszka - part I

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5:00 a.m. "Ana you want the coffee from Macdonald? Damn it, closed off!!! "for Gruszka trauma for me it doesn't matter where I drink this warm dye: -)

The rucksack packed, Marta and her suitcase on small wheels... come back!! Luna packed, her bowls and the feed also; -) as it in the winter now it is known - the rain, the awful route but Luna like a dog with ADHD, 3 hours standing behind my back (did sometimes the lap from left to right). On the way we are establishing the scenario as almost as to the schooting for National Geographic... You know, 4 cameras, supernumeraries, wolves and bear. Such commercial survival in the mountains. And so seriously it Kasprowy was a purpose the Peak but the crowned journey by sticking the SRTG flag Dębica and 30 burpees on the peak for spartans ; -)

At 10:00 on the point we are setting off. Equipment how it seemed to us complete (yeah what? there are cameras, phones, there are clothes, chocolate with nuts, water and climbing-irons it what for us more are needed?...)

Walk to Kużnica where everything began and where mingled...

Gruszka - "I will buy the map ok? It will be useful ". I thought ok, to be in the mountains and not to have a map it's a disgrace after all.

Marta taking the map asked politely the lady behind the counter - "on Kasprowy which trail is the best today?"

For you - "today it to the right will be it more easily and in two hours you will reach"

How here not to trust "local"!!!

Everyone are going are also we.

The route led from Kuźnic by Glade Kalatówki, Hala Kondratów and of just how it turned out during the journey to pass the Kopa Kondracka (Red Wierchy), which in favorable conditions it is possible to reach on the Kasprowy, I am repeating the favorable which certainly was not in that day ( 2 degree of avalanche danger, rain).

The road was good, it was warm and we admired beauties of our mountains. What more could you want;-)

Reached the Hall Kondratowa a little tired (which once more snow and the collapse of the difficult move and for that a little annoyed but whatever the goal is not far). That day all told us not to go there !! Do you believe in signs? Hehe we already so (Gruszkas phone suddenly stopped working, we forgot flag, thermoses were in the room ..) Tourist Armageddon !!

But we moved on ... and here only we, snow and beautiful views. Somehow a strange inner feeling that something is not right, that no one around, and no, I'm sorry there was someone else. Such a small black dot on the background of snow that we thought that it was probably the trail when someone goes there. Fear gave way to the euphoria that still only a piece of the "hill" (1728) and Kasprowy is ours. Nothing could be further from the truth, and if I knew then what I know now that no one forced me to go to that place that day.

The route was more and more danger, the snow more and more what ended unexpectedly collapsing at waist height. The one who led the way did the trail for another (ungrateful work).

14:30 Kopa Kondracka reached. If not for the late hour Gruszka would be unstoppable, normally she went to a storm like Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive," but I was there and politely dragged insatiable Spartan in a safe area.

A little tired and hungry, we went back to the base. Ready, dog after a walk, fed,  started as we all know Krupówki to eat something regional and drink ... :-) percentage .... to be continued.

Bang Bang

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Spartan XXI century !!!

To relax and relieve the tension before Christmas we went on a visit to the shooting classes in science practical shooting and the efficient use of weapons. At the shooting range we reached after a prior telephone setting the date and time. First known theoretical part, whose task is to familiarize yourself with the safety and construction of firearms. Once it was the most important part of the practical course with an instructor, piloting fast as a set, load the magazine, reload and unload weapons.

Stations occupied, hearing protection started (or trail to hit drums) and Anka asks one of her interesting questions, "What can we take away as a souvenir?" Mr. nicely smiled and gifts left for later ;-). I got a Glock 17 and Anka XDM 5.25 (a small and lightweight perfect for a woman's hand). Weapons charge, deprotection and go. The first shot precious for someone who did not shoot like we did. After the standard five shots break for loading and some tips from the instructor. My hands were shaking with adrenaline and impressions, which in whole did not help me when pointing, but I wanted more. We need to continue and not praising us very well it went (reportedly 2% interested in doing such shots on target for the first time). Changing weapons and increase the distance up to 25 m and another good series, we did not want to finish but all good things ... you know. An attempt yet with bigger gun but not exerted such an impression only visually :-). Super way of spending free time and try something new. In remembrance we got punctured discs and a handful of scales that are sure to be well used artistically.

SRTG Debica - where it all began ...

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Spartan Race Training Group formed in 2014 thanks to the players and enthusiasts Spartan Race. The group formed in different cities to focus fans of physical activity, sports and adventure. The task of training groups to prepare the best to participate in the Spartan Race. More than a training groups formed a small community which combines the passion that is sport, make new friends and are a great escape from life.

The aim of the group SRTG is to help ordinary people find the joy of sports such which are running with obstacles. Trainings are held 2 times a week, mostly in the open air, of course, if the weather permits and they are always free. Each group has its funpage where are placed photos from training.

SRTG Debica was established 11.09.2015 year. The founder of the group and coach is Sebastian Spider (Spider), who thanks to his military career has a predisposition to lead such a group in the way the arrangement of training strength-endurance and mental preparation of their charges for any difficulties you may encounter on the route gear Spartan Race. Due to the fact that Sebastian took additional time-consuming and obligations related to the SR, now coaching handed the baton Bartek Szymaszek "Stork" but still Seba is nearby and we can continue to count on his support ;-). We are a very large group, which has in its ranks 27 permanent members but of course we are open to all willing to spend time actively and welcome for training. It is not important who you are, how old you are, and what level of training because the important thing is that you do it for yourself, for your body and spirit. Our workouts allow you to exceed the limits of endurance and prepare for the occurrence of all sorts of difficulties on the line of life, with whom you learn to deal with (because life is too steeplechase). In our group there is cheerful atmosphere but as you need it is the seriousness and focus. We help each other, which translates into a deeper friendly relations and not only (we have composed 4 loving couples and it is cool !!). Artist, photographer, fishing enthusiast, physiotherapist, entrepreneurs, moms, husbands, wives and so on. How many people so passionate and all share one sneak peak - Spartan Race. Many times the question was asked ... But why this? Why are you wallow in the mud, the few hours effort, all these obstacles? And that, dear reader, that as one likes a ball or swimming we prefer rolling and running and most importantly our children also have the opportunity to from an early age to compete in Spartan Race Kids and thus learn humility, respect for the other and support route and these qualities as we know nowadays are doomed to denial. At the end we can say from personal experience that if he did not SRTG Debica and Spartan Race we would not be here where we are now and the energy and kick to life has not given us so far no other sport.

The team RaceHunters with SRTG Debica invited for training. Aroo !!!

Free Solo Alex Honnold

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I remember once I saw on the Discovery channel announcement of the "rebels on the edge" and that's when I started my adventure with the wall, I could not wait. For located in the shade of the trees fields tent in Yosemite Valley can meet climbers, who make up a subculture remaining in conflict with the conservative principles of the national park. Next generation climb the cliffs of Yosemite. They acquire steep rock walls and beat new records. The "Rebels on the edge" is a riveting story about people who are on a grand attempt to expose their bodies to exceed the limits set by science and by the way breaking the law. I was captivated by the young American Alex Honnold.

Let's start from the beginning. Climbing can be practiced in different ways. There are many possibilities for enjoyment of the sport. Each can choose the way you want to climb but this is dependent on many factors: condition, skill, intensity of training, the issue of psychological comfort because not all methods rely on belaying. I'm not an expert but I've tried climbing the vertical walls of rock with assistance on the so-called "rod" and bouldering - a variation of climbing classic, where we climb the low forms (stones, beams, walls), without using a rope climbing or without belaying. During training on the artificial boulder in the room at the wall they are spread thick mattresses that provide security in the event of a fall from the wall. Area for safety net serves us only crashpad (thick mat) and partner (spotter). Dyscypline is based mainly on overcoming the problem of rock - a specific sequence of movements.

Required skills: The ability to climb the classic, which is the easiest way to train on a climbing wall (in the field is difficult because there are few places offering easy bouldery for beginners).

Finally Free Solo. Alex Honnold is just one of the representatives of this group of climbers. He is climbing on livestock, or without a rope, the road climbing. Dropping off usually has serious consequences (usually hmm death or disability). Acceptable are climbing shoes and magnesia. Very few climbers work this way regularly: John Bachar, Steph Davis, Patrick Edlinger, Alex Honnold, Alex Huber, Dan Osman, Dean Potter, Peter Korczak, Wojciech Kurtyka, Ryszard Malczyk and Andrzej Marcisz.

Alex Honnold grown just free solo without power to any equipment, for 17 years. Therefore, the first approach to the wall he did when he was 12 years old. He lives in a van, and still travels looking for new challenges. Its beams depend on the weather, because puts on such extreme mobility. The stunt, which was made in mid-January breathtaking, just estimations. The guy decided to go to the wall, which had a 457 meters. Of course, without the harness without ice ax and other equipment.Tthe only enhancer was magnesia belt, which plunged sweaty palms, to improve grip. Alex did it in just over three hours which is a good achievement (because height is a piece of cake after all). And it was in El Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in El Potrero in Mexico. Modest boy who threw studies to be free and devoted to his passion, he said after reaching the summit, the road seemed to be rather easy (seeing and for some do 30 burpees it's seems to be so hard to do:-)

Solo climbing (without the rope) is an extreme variation of bouldering, and in any case it is not a job for the inexperienced or the faint-hearted and strong mentality is the foundation and of course it is best not to feel fear as Alex Honnold. Many considered free soiling the purest form of art climbing; others, emphasizing the element of risk, consider him to be the initial phase of suicide which is certain not to try it on a Sunday stroll in the mountains.

I invite you to relax and watch this guy


Circuit training

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One of my favorites :-) Why this type of training? Just the variety and availability. Because it can be performed not only in the gym but also at home, and depending on the choice of exercises can build muscle and burn body fat, through a combination of strength training and cardio. This training can easily be adapted to individual needs, it is quite demanding, but designed for both novice, advanced, and this what is expected quick results. Circuit training improves the overall cardiovascular condition of the body and in spite of continuous efforts, the causes general muscle overload.

Let's get to the point. There are different types of circuit training:

- Circuit substation rounds of timing

- Circuits station with the number of repetitions for each round

- Substation circuits with mixing the two above (individual form rather)

- Circuits on one batch of muscles or certain parts

If we can not take advantage of this form of workout in the gym under trainer simply choose themselves about 8-12 exercises and the number of repetitions (10-15 reps) or execution time (eg. 1 minute) and operate. For training to be effective, between the exercises we do not break just move on to the next exercise. We rest after completing the circuit. To increase the intensity, you can do cardio between circuits. As best as is 2-3 circuits for a start, and over time you can increase the number and minimize rest breaks. When selecting the best exercises to choose exercises for different muscle groups throughout the body, eg. abdomen, thighs, chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders. The practice must be a minimum of three times a week. Remember the day breaks for regeneration (best to train every other day).

Always remember to have a good warm up the body before a workout, here works the whole body and after the stretch trained muscles to avoid soreness and injury.

Several types of exercises with the ability to modify them with a huge choice of on the market. Remember to adapt them to individual needs, abilities and what we want to achieve.

Circuit training

Inspiring people

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On our blog we will present from time to tme people who inspire us. This is one of them:

Andrew and his Snow Leopard

- "Just practice a lot"

Andrzej Bargiel, b. April 18, 1988, Polish alpine skier, runner and mountain climber. It is a three-time Polish champion in ski mountaineering, third overall in the World Cup, world record holder in the running for Elbrus and the first Pole, who, in 2013. managed to get eight-thousander Shishapangma skiing and exit from its apex. 

Andrew this year was trying on to win badges Snow Leopard, climbing distinction awarded for winning seven-5, which in the past was within the USSR. List of peaks, where winning was required to grant the title changed depending on political factors and military. These are currently the following peaks, listed in order from widely regarded as the most difficult to easiest:

band Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan / China):

· Peak Victory (Pobeda Peak, Dżengisz czokusu) - 7439 m asl

· Chan Tengri - 7010 m asl

band Pamir (Tajikistan / Kyrgyzstan):

· The peak Ismaila Samaniego (d. Communism Peak) - 7495 m asl

· Peak Korzhenevskaya - 7105 m asl

· Lenin Peak (Peak Avicenna) - 7134 m asl

August 14, 2016, after 30 days expedition in the mountains of Pamir and Tienszanu Andrzej finished completing Snow Leopard. Thus, young Pole broke the record set in 1999 by Denis Urubkę Molotov and Andrei, who made the same feat in 42 days, which means that the Pole result improved by up to 12 days. It is one of the most important achievements of Polish Himalayan mountaineering in recent years. What's more, with each peak he pulled on skis!

Unplanned events during this trip was for example breaking skis during a jump through the gap at an altitude of approx. 5500 m. On Peak Communism, way back Andrew defeated on one of a ski, while the exit of the most difficult peak Pobeda, its ski fell into the abyss and have to go with a height of approx. 6300 m., weather situations or loss medician and involvement in exploration stocks.

"Success is the loudest speaker in the world"

The expedition can be seen on Canal + Discovery
Official website of the expedition

Back in time

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23.07.2016 a memorable date for us - Spartan Race Beast in Krynica Zdrój. It was our first Beast, the terrain was difficult and beginning with uphill run on a mountain Jaworzyna. Memories after this race and affection to the place are til today so we decided to start season winter just from this place. 

Of course, as women we are temporarily slightly in the back with time;-) well it was just 130 km otherwise they would shut down slope (our route up).

Quick check- in (Czarny Potok hotel-mainly due to the short distance from the slopes and you can get cool promotions), welcome cookie and in the way.  700 m jogging and light stretching and what? And up! We have selected the route with a length of approx. 2200 m up and undoubtedly we were there a phenomenon unique among skiers and rather rare and who knows maybe on Youtube we are the stars;-)

Good weather conditions have made that we had a nice and fast run up(not counting moments on "what selfies with landscape view?"). Were obviously situations bloodcurdling (laughing), when the snow fell under the weight of my body and for a moment the Gruszka saw the fear in my eyes (she said smile to photo or I'll sleep on the floor so I smiled;-)

Somehow I got out from the hole so we could keep going. On the route beside the skiers we met a nice man who operates the ski lift. Coffee wasn't there but information valuable. We found out that we have 15 min to close the station and approx. 800 m uphill! It was for us the best motivation to get there quick and on time. Like at the finish line in the Spartan Race we had a beer with juice (just for the health of course).

A ticket bought and straight to the hotel. The body was a little frozen and the only thing we were daydreaming about was stretching in the swimming pool and sauna. Driving back home we wonder about next direction and of course soon we will inform you about this.  

We recommend you such trips due mainly to explore the Polish, because the landscapes we have truly amazing and our mountains are breathtaking especially in winter.

Balance in training

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Our body is designed for movement and he is a necessary component of a healthy and active life, and its improvement give greater opportunities within its scope. To improve the functioning of the whole organism, we must approach the forms of activity in a rational manner, so today as popular forms of cross-country, or crossfit workouts typically require force to focus on the deeper regions of the body to reduce the risk of injury during training or general fatigue of the body. Because recently the intensity of our workouts we want to draw attention to the form of training, core type & mobility.

Core training, core stability, muscle training center, all these terms refer to the deep abdominal muscle exercises and back. It is not only beautifully sculpted abdomen, but about strengthening the muscles that stabilize the spine and whole body. Core workout goal is to improve the stability of the trunk and, consequently, the whole body. It gives us the ease of maintaining correct posture when performing exercises which is a very important part of training or a better sense of balance.

Mobility is training mobility of joints, resulting in a greater range of motion, and in turn, it gives us more options for various forms of physical activity and significantly improves the results of training well-made training mobility reduces pain and improves the elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It may be made using the rubber, tape or balls. A relaxation of the body especially after a hard workout reduces the risk of injury and increases the efficiency of regeneration.

Trainer lead Mateusz Wyszyński

Ho Ho Ho! - gifts time

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We are after Santa Claus day, but we still are with ongoing mood of giving and we have a gift - a surprise. Christmas is approaching, New Year Eve, and of course New Year (new season Spartan Race). We precede it a little bit and we have challenge. We will prepare one person to the Spartan Race, who will take part in it in Krakow 04.08.2017 r.

It will be a woman, could not be otherwise. Our nominee is Anita, 34 years old, mother of two girls - Hani 1.5 annual and 5-year-old Jagody. Her daily life is currently looking after the house, daughters and hence the lack of time for yourself. Of course, pregnancy and lack of physical activity rebounded slightly on her appearance. The action that we want to inform women that can combine the mother's life or work with take care of your appearance and health mainly through physical activity. I must admit that it will be a challenge for her and for us, but the reward I think it is worth it: thinner, full of energy and participation in the Spartan Race. The hurdle is so high that her husband is leaving on mission and she does not remember when she visited gyms. We count on the help with children and the rest depends on the motivation and strong will. As we say we chicks are capable of managing everything and anywhere. Also, keep your fingers crossed for Anita and the progress will be presenting on the blog.

Hardcore Santa Claus

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Gifts one way but you have to train.

Our route, 10 km hilly terrain, divided into 5 stations every 2 km. Each station is one exercise. Performing exercises and / or number of repetitions depends on whether it is a challenge of strength or cardio. Today we present you one of the many sets that we went for a workout today. 2 km away :-)

STATION N.1 - log - 10 x stride with piles of wood (torso upright, bend front leg does not exceed the line of the ankle, both legs bend in the pond at an angle of approx. 90 degrees). During the exercise perfectly working the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Most women fear is that by working on major / large weights too will expand the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. no worries - we women do not have that as the guys testosterone and therefore we are not in danger. Working loads helps you burn more fat due to their increased activity at eventually leads to slender thighs and buttocks elastic;-)

STATION N. 2abdominal oblique muscles - 15 x each side (personally I have a boo at the point of the abdomen and attaches great importance to this part of the body). However, the same "crunches" does not give me pleasure and would rather not bring spectacular effects but through exercises in endurance and strenght training it makes sense, and the effects are. Remember that, and so it all comes down to diet. Healthy eating is the basis of beautiful belly and a healthy body. After frits and sznyclach effect can not be guaranteed only atherosclerosis.

STATION N. 3 - 15 x retraction tires (after another 2 km to the next station waiting for us tire (place unknown;-) The challenge was pulling at a faster time tires - not of the bike :-) uphill times 15. It is quite exhausting exercise at which works the whole body. Position as the squat, your knees do not go outside of the ankle, stomach tight, back straight and go Gruszka !!! She did it... Strong hands are particularly needed during the competition. On obstacles must be power grabs because this type of stations are ideal to work on this strength.

STATION N. 4 - pumps - here any number of times but not less than 10;-) difficulty in this case was such that our feet were higher compared to the rest of the body. Pump among women does not enjoy the recognition. We just do not like it but now frequently occurs in training, in most fitness clubs so you can get used to. This popular exercise helps build muscles of the chest (the most it speaks to us :-) shoulders, arms and trunk muscles. It's worth it to bite the teeth for those tangible (something for your guys) effects WOW !!!

Station N. 5 - the last 2 km is waiting for us a small hill with a length of approximately 50 m. Who can guess what happened?? Apart from a few roe-deer nothing special ... oh well, we were two roe-deers:-) intervals uphill they have an incredible impact on the strength and power of speed which results in competition Spartan Race. Beginners people should do no more than 6-8 reps with a slope of 5-15%. This type of course is mainly anaerobic work and should not take more than several seconds and important to break lasting more than 60 seconds. (Calm walk down).

After yesterday's sharp-featured training in the club + our present madness in the forest tomorrow may be bad and we still have almost a full week of training struggles but whatever we like it, even those of our sores provide a good workout.

Good looks chicks...

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- "Krzysiek did I blur???  ""  

-"No Ana,You look great!!!                                                                                                  

This short dialogue between me and Krzysiek (4 gears together) always remember with a smile on my face. Each of us wants to look beautiful above all:  

- for well -being

- your guy

- for the rest of the world, because it’s nice  to please the other and there is nothing wrong  

On a daily basis it is clear that we are not dealing with difficult conditions and keep on the face make up a whole is not a problem, but once you decide to compete in races with obstacles such situation may arise. What to do? What products to choose? It is known- how many women so much needs. Each of us likes something different, different complexion, the problem associated with it (aging, environment, economy hormonal, vascular skin, etc.) However, during the Spartan Race it is essential several elements:

Sunscreen - often runs take place in mountains whre our skin is exposed to the burning sun ,the wind or cold (do not forget that in Svit  will be very very cold), every day I trying to convince and tell myself that there will be global warming .

Matting base (e.g. matyfying reliable Lumene Primer) - a significant addiction of suiable skin smoothness and comfort)

Good foundation with neutral colors, now most of the them adapts to the complexion of our skin (supposedly) Revlon Colorstay- light cover up foundation this is my favourite product .

Waterproof mascara e.g.. Maybelline Lash Sensational obvious when diving in muddy puddles.

Personally I do not like to wear “mask”on my face so important for me is how to do make up to look natural and long. So far all of our races forced the getting early (conditional early start time and a place of run (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Krynica Górska) and the most important was which products my make up will be made. Now I conclude my experience that I use cosmetics that have fulfilled their function perfectly and for that my face looked good even with the mud on. Last very important aspect of looking good while the run. The Spartans are cool, unshaven guys (although perhaps a new season -new trends), the number of which during one day run coming up to approx. 2 thousand muscular, handsome guys support professional on obstacles deserves to accommodate to route nice views and beautiful seductive look.

Alpha dog and workout variations

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"Songo - sit!! I said something!!!" This words of Gruszka began our training. Today, 3D version plus "Plush" Songo. 2 km jogging for warm-up (base is even 5 minutes before the race start). The Plan - make "10 km" the hills. Personally I do not like running on tough ground like asphalt or rather - my legs do not like it and that I listen to what tells my body and I chose running cross-country, which not only does not burden the joints but can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding hills and forests. 

Songo like a guy had a problem when he wasn’t ahead of sled dog team full of girls so he pushed forward with Gruszka (additional set the calories burned). As you can see running with the dog provides both parties have fun while deepening their relationship (although we managed without a leash;-)

Jogging is fun but we need to remember to build our muscles in upper area.

Thanks to street workout group from Dębica, who helped create such a great spot where we can have fun outside and do fiku miku on pipes to strengthening the deep muscles of the whole body, the practice so useful on obstacles while you run the Spartan Race. The fact that passers-by looked at us somehow strange and probably not one thought, "ooo instead of being at work they make fun and do not important things :-)". Well meat must be had, but work may stay and Svit is approaching and we need to be prepaired. Gruszka even bought notebook to memorize our ideas because you know, we are already women after 30 with congenital hyperactivity and and it is difficult sometimes to keep up with each other :-).

Tomorrow's Friday. The plan - climbing wall - Marta is already preparing GoPro to record our  struggles. Nails are already short. Say what you like but nobody stops Gruszka on the run up even the wall :-)

Indoor climbing wall

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Indoor climbing wall was established in 2004 hall center TOSiR sized main wall with a height of 13,5 m a width 23 m and area of 371,4 m² as well as the training wall with a height of 3,4 m a width of 12,4m and 48,4m². Held at the competitions of international rank as well as individual with an instructor.

You may as why climb after a lot of other unusual forms of leisure. That’s what I thought until when two years ago miraculously (I got a visa despite when no one belived ), I went on a trip to New York  City. My friend Kasia is living there for 15 years. She showed me a lot of cool places. City nice but... well I am also a lover of yogameditation (sometimes I am an oasis of calm), and like an artist I like place where is peace and harmony. That’s why “Kazek” to me 2 hours away from NYC to MOHONK PRESERVE. Honestly..i was horrified to see how they “dash” after this rock formations. My colleague began: Helmet, belt, assurance and “Go Ana ,the wall is yours”.

At that moment I felf that something was missing so far. It’s hard to describe, you have to try it!!. The wall is the one place for me when during the climbing  you leave your problems or worries at the bottom. The only thing you have in your head is how to put the foot and where to catch so as not to “fall off”. I tell you this because training is not just winfing up and rising your heart rate is also calm and inner balance. I belive that the state of mind in extreme sport is a matter of prime and a climbing wall is an ideal addiction to muscle strengthening work on concentration and inner peace.

Marta tried and also felt it. Entering to this place many times we thought that we do not want to do this today, it’s too late etc... Doubt lasts only until the first catch holder  then have “downhill” of course training on the wall is important for enother reason. Spartan Race is a race with obstacles of various types. Of coure the tires, climbing on a rope, however, one of obstacles is a climbing wall and only familitarity with the technique on boulder give success in this case. Well ok.. when a handsome guy stands and looks on you that’s obvious that it would be so stupid to fall off but this is the idea for lovestory;-)

Toys from garage

6 Dec, 2016, No comments

7:15 wake up! take a dog for a walk, feed the son and take him to school. Day off from work, so I'm thinking what to do...

Gruszka writes "Ana, what is our plan" I ask what do you have in garage? I have sth intresting. So I was delighted and waited for a surprise from Spartan's girl.

Training today we started with warm up (warm-up ankles, jumping jacks, squats, lunges) it was cold so it's a must.

Generally we run a lot so today we concentrate on strenghten the hands which is very important because it's easier to overcome obstacles in race without wasting your time for burpees. So it's big motivation.

Requisites are, the power as well, so lets go!!!

Run around 1,5 km with the tire attached around the waist, it gives ability to quickly warm up. During this exercise particularly hard work the abdominal muscles, thighs and buttocks. After all we want them to be tough and firm :-)

Marta liked it so much and she did not give up this hill. Exercise focused on pulling the tire up and so 15 repeats. This type of challenge may look easy but believe me, after work for a while you will feel arms and back.

It's almost time walking with Luna (my energized dog from shelter) so I will leave you and we are in touch with another training passion story. Ideas to prepare for upcoming competition in Spartan Race is a lot. We, woman have in particular quite an extensive imagination which in our case will translate into interesting challenges with a mega-dose of good humor and motivation for you.

The snow is here, finally...

4 Dec, 2016, No comments
It is time to start a new season of Spartan Race. I don't know about You, but we are heading to Svit, a beautiful city in Slovakia. The city is situated at the bottom of Tatra mountains that border between Poland and Slovakia, which means that it is not going to be warm, unless American meteorologists predict something else:). We are going to be running the Sprint race, which means more obstacles on the road.  One may think we got plenty of time however Christmas, New Years are coming  and of course Ten Teges as Gruszka would say, yes we have our codes and sayings but about that later, in a  different post. Going back to the main point, it is going to be super sweet, snowy, white and cold as hell. Last year was -19C, but, hey, what doesn't kill us it will only make us stronger. Therefore, my dear readers, we are going to face Mother Nature, drink delicious Slovakian beer and eat fake ripen banana..
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