Marta Gruszowska 36 years old, always smiling, full of energy, blond girl who likes adventure and extreme sports. She isn't afraid of any type of mud and once she gets it all over her body she gets very hungry. Sport has played in her life a different role. But the real adventure with training she began a few years ago (better late than never!) And she knows that it will continue to the end. It is her passion and motivation.

Her weakness is postpone everything for later called: "Mañana", was no different with her running in the Spartan Race. Now she knows that the worst is to start because if you try it you want it more and more ...

She started training and participating in Spartan Race due to health issues. She is trying to strengthen her core and feel powerful overall. Her new gig is climbing mountains which will give her the necessary upper body strength (especially after the last injury) and running on hilly wooded area, which is essential if she wants to compete on 5+, 13+ and 20+ kilometers.  

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”~ Albert Einstein

Anka Spartanka

Anna Góra 36 years old divorced and very happy mother to the 8 year old son, Damian. Positively twisted woman with lots of passions: climbing, drawing, ceramic, therefore as you can see, mud isn't something new to her. All her passions were born in the mist of hard life situations (divorce, flood, single motherhood) and gave her a kick and hope to start something for her body and soul. Because of that she is now a strong and confident woman and Spartan race helps her to relax mentally. Everythings happend in life for a resson and Spartan Race was her destiny. We've got only one life and how we'll be dispose our energy and free time that's deponds on us. During obstacle run age, skin color or education it does't matter. Respect, helping each other and support during race that's very important things. You build here amazing self-confidence which will help you not only with obstacles but also in everyday life. So... go mud and have fun!!!

   "Don't live the same year 75 Times and call it a life"

What brought us  together?

In general, two, totally different women, different life experiences. Lots of differences but it is clear what brought us together. Spartan Race is our passion, our life, remedy for everything. Precisely everything: if you have a bad day, relationship problems and just to clear out negative emotions. But the most important thing is to start and we will show you how to do it. Women's point of view on some Spartan's obstacles. What do you think? Shall we start?   


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